Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why I Am Making New Slippers

I am not making new slippers for a variety of reasons.
  1. I need more than one pair.
  2. I got tired of the color of the old ones.
  3. My feet grew and don't fit in the old ones.
  4. My feet shrank and don't fit in the old ones.
  5. I wanted to knit something and couldn't come up with any other project.
  6. I'm participating in a '365 slippers 2009' knit-a-long.
  7. I found a new pattern I just had to try.
  8. I found a new yarn I just had to try.
  9. I'm so fashion conscious I have to change slippers every 2-3 years.
No, I have a Very Good Reason for making new slippers as soon as the yarn arrives. My old ones are falling apart! I'm sure some people use that term loosely, but I have pictorial evidence asserting the veracity of my statement.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Then there's Exhibit C, the half-mitts I made last night. Four skeins of yarn used in four single-skein projects in four days!

And nothing on my needles for tonight's New Year's Eve Party. I think I need to start some socks on my new needles.


Anonymous said...


Deborah said...

You are an amazingly prolific knitter. I like the fingerless mitts. Can you knit in them? I've been thinking about a pair myself.

G. Sol said...

If you make some funky looking slippers like the ones on this page about Slippers, you can get a photo of them featured there. If you are interested, contact me to discuss.

Holly said...

I agree-it's time for new slippers. I need to make some, too.
Hey, a question about your challenge...what about "leftover" 2008 projects? I have a Celtic Dreams pullover underway and am loathe to set it aside. That usually means the kiss of death for that particular project. :~)