Monday, December 22, 2008

It's not Christmas yet

The Rainbow Baby Jacket
The Armenian Knitting Hat

and I am DONE with Christmas knitting. I even did a project I wasn't planning on doing. I am also done with Christmas sewing, and I even have the pattern put away! (Speaking of which, if any of my gentle readers happen to have some Navy Chambray in their fabric stash, I would love to have some. The stuff shrinks, and for the past several years I've had a not-quite-all-cut-out shirt for my husband in the craft room. All I need is enough fabric for the right front of an XL men's shirt. The fabric stores haven't been carrying it whenver I remember to look. Simplicity 7030, I think.)

The yarn for my next project will be arriving in a few hours. Beyond that, I have the challenge of Knitting Small Stuff until Christmas. Because really, who wants to be working on Old Projects after opening New and Delightful Knitterly Things?

Frog Tree Alpaca and some lace swatches are in my sights at the moment.

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Deborah said...

For your husbands shirt, could you find a compatible fabric in a contrasting color? Cut out the right front and the left arm from it. It will be different than planned and very casual, but at least it will be more than fabric pieces. Oh, pockets on the right could be from the original fabric and a left pocket could be from the new. You just have to be careful that it doesn't end up too clown-like, you know?