Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Pictures

Life after Poncho is proceeding apace. I've gotten the requisite standardized test ordered for my children, Christmas presents are purchased or - in two cases - in progress, editing Diogenes is moving forwards, and I am working on MK level III. I've also upgraded my computer with more memory, and gotten a new CPU fan. The previous one was growling at me so much our dog was beginning to take offense at it.

Here, by popular demand, are some pictures of the finished poncho. I've decided that myMK cable design project will be a hat to match the poncho. The yarn is smooth and light colored, and I've got some cable motifs to work with ... so why not? That leave a Scandinavian or Fair Isle pullover or cardigan for my other project. Oh, the possibilities!

I'm working on a second scarf cowl, this time in a sock yarn. I think it will turn out quite well, but if not ... it'll go back into a ball of yarn to become some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.

And because I've now entered the phase of Life After Poncho, I've gotten some work done on my secret argyles. Nothing tricky about the pattern, it's just that the work is clandestine. If you're reading this blog, they're not for you. Unfortunately, about 2-3 inches of the work was backwards. A misplaced diamond will do ugly things to a sock. I decided to set a good example for Denise, and frogged rather than compensate. (I've gotta admit, though, I *did* make some errors yesterday, and they're going to get disguised with two duplicate stitches added in to the finished product.)

Saturday, November 26, 2005


The Cashmere (Wool) Crossings Poncho is finished. It took 26 skeins, over 120,000 stitches, oodles of cables, and a bit over 5 weeks, but it is complete. Well, except for blocking, which is almost optional. After it's blocked, I''ll get some pictures up.

I ended up ordering the whole set of Shadow merino laceweight yarns, and a skein of Grandma for a present. Grandma, the person, has a very interesting colorway around her eye at the moment, due to a collision with a doorway. The pinks and purples of the yarn beat the green, navy, and wine of the person. I'm sure someone, somewhere, has created a 'Black Eye' colorway though.

I've got two projects on the needle right now - sock and sock. I also have a project off the needles, called Tubular Swatch - Swatch #1 of my next Master Knitter course. I've made one swatch, and it came out well enough that I know a tubular cast on doesn't produce a tube for a sock. the edge stitches need a bit of work, though, so I'm off to Sample Swatch #2! I am going to learn *so* much from this.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Snow is forecast for tomorrow. Snow is one of my favorite types of weather. It's right up there with the rumbling thunder of scattered storms drifting across the prairie, and the rustle of a nice brisk wind - preferably cool. The best kind of weather is the kind that is enhanced by a cup of hot cocoa, chai, or tea.

I just started the 15th and 16th skeins of the poncho, and am a little over halfway done. Twenty rows to go, and the neckline will be DONE! I am hoping to finish it by Christmas. I've got 3 other Christmas presents yet to make, and then can dive whole-heartedly into Level III of the Master Handknitter program. I've finished off the scarf for my Aunt, and am making progress on a pair of socks. (Two pairs of socks, really, but ssssshhhh ... not everyone knows about both of them.) I also made 2 Dairy Queen hats, but am not quite happy with them. Found a typo in The Opinionated Knitter too.

Halfway through the poncho was about 13 skeins, which means that I need 26 for the whole thing, and rats - I only have 20. I'll have to place another order with KnitPicks. While I knit tonight, I'll be musing about what I can order to bring my 11 dollar order up to a 30 dollar order so I don't have to pay for shipping. Hmmm ... the whole set of Shadow, perhaps, and a book? Or maybe some needles? The delights of contemplation are boundless.

In the poncho picture, you can see two main cable panels, three if you peer into the upper right corner. It's 6 'main panels' wide, from the bottom front, over the arms, and down to the bottom back, and 8 repititions long. A lotta knitting, but a lotta fun. And it's a handy blanket already ... my legs didn't freeze on the way to church, because they were snuggled under 1 1/2 lbs of wool!

Miniscule goals for next week: Finish the neck area of the poncho, and get an order in to KnitPicks. And finish the colorwork on one set of socks.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Poncho Proceeds

I did so-so on my goals. I'm 9 skeins into the poncho. Some days see the demise of an entire skein, others don't. The scarf cowl is about 24" complete, out of 42. Socks are going almost nowhere, but they've at leastbeen started. The schoolroom is slightly more organized than before, and I haven't written a single letter. But I have gotten our finances brought up to date, and helped see yet another book through the final publishing phase.

My creative blogging juices seem to be non-existent! No goals for this coming week ... I'll just see what I can get done.