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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What? Quilts????

Warning: This Blog Post Does Not Contain Any Knitting Content.

The second Saturday of each month finds me at church with a few other ladies, running a sewing machine or rotary cutter. We make quilts to donate to a women's shelter in town. Quilts go together a LOT faster than some other things I could mention (but won't, since I've already warned you that such things won't be mentioned in this blog post). I think quilts look gorgeous in person, and even more gorgeous in photographs. During Filia's spring break, I hope to get the almost-completed one tied.

Our next quilt is based on a Charm Quilt pattern, but we're doing it in a simple scrap method. Each woman (or girl) picks out some fabrics from the stash, cuts enough squares to make one 16-patch, and then the sewing machine fairy sews them together. (Well, there's some chopping into triangles, arranging, and ironing in there as well) Lookie what got sewn together yesterday!

Queen Susan, Week 3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Happy Project for Destashing

Although my main knitting project these days weeks months is the Queen Susan, I will be keeping another project in the wings for those times which don't lend themselves to dainty lace. Times like watching Mythbusters with my son, or riding in the car (with someone else driving, of COURSE), or when the light isn't the best.

Since I finished up my sock projects, and don't have the yarn for the mitten projects, I pulled out the Watch Cap pattern I found last month and decided to destash. The hat is in ribbing (which is not a bad thing, but stockinette goes faster), and used up a whopping NINE BALLS of yarn. There aren't your standard 50g balls - they're my standard 'stash balls'. Remember, my stash is almost entirely leftovers. The hat used up leftovers from some slippers, from more slippers, from my daughter's Level 1 hat, from a future Level 1 project, and from an unidentified place or two as well. Nine balls!

I was given some Wollmeise recently, and that will no doubt become a traveling project in the next month or so. Socks, of course, as tall as the yarn will allow for. In the meantime - I think I'll scrounge around for another watch cap and see how many more partials I can finish off.

The shawl is coming along beautifully. Haven't hit the doldrums yet - and I'm 5% of the way done! If I keep on at 5% per 10 days, that means I'll finish in ... only 200 days!

A quick knit? I think not. But I am definitely going to enjoy every minute of it. Except the minutes I spend tinking or repairing mistakes. Or wrestling with sticky needles and fingers. I've got wax paper in my project bag to recondition the needles, and probably should stick some talcum powder in as well to 'recondition' my fingers as needed.

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