Saturday, November 06, 2010

Getting back to the labels ...

Here's the tally of ball bands. First comes the Lamb's Pride Worsted that went into a Christmas sweater and some tablecloth-destined Cebelia. Then there's the odd Knit Picks and Elann yarns which made twined mittens. And some odds and ends and sock yarn that went into places I'm not entirely sure about -socks, baby jackets, and sample mittens, I believe. The BartlettYarns made Filia's winter hat (although I don't have a picture of her wearing it yet). The hat she IS wearing came from some yarn I don't see here.

So trivial.

I have been really enjoying Nancy Marchant's Knitting Brioche, but did the nearly unthinkable yesterday. I sent a half-finished project, minus needles and plus a letter, back to the not-so-LYS. My reason? The Geveldak Scarf is a thing of beauty - but not when there are at least 6 knots in one skein of Kauni which play fast and loose with the color sequence. The gradual shifting from one color to the next is lovely - and totally lost when solid colors are knotted together. I have hopes that I'll get a knotless skein before mid-December, and then I can retackle a Christmas present! But if not -- I will have to figure out something else.

I've knit myself out from under the skeins and balls of yarn acquired in the past few months. There are two projects on the needles, and I am looking forward to a flurry of fun mittens and hats when those are done. We are getting into mitten and hat weather, you know!