Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Wrap-up

April has been a delightful month, full of people to see, things to do, books to read -- and to a lesser extent, yarn to knit.  At this very moment, as a matter of fact, I have zero project on the needles, and nothing to cast on when the day's work is done.  This will become a more imminent first-world problem as the day draws nearer to evening, when I have a knitting class.  I'll just have to come up with something simple that can use stash oddments. 

Starting off with pictures, we have a record of what I did on April 1st.  April 1st was a beautiful day -- gentle breeze, warm spring air, dry ground.  It was perfect for tidying up the yard, and weeding, and bike riding, and the TKGA newsletter announcement.  Three of those things happen outside, and one happens inside, often followed by troubleshooting via e-mail.

Then, while I was tidying the yard, I had a serious Walking Fail involving a garden rake, an above-ground drainage pipe, and an occupantless wheelchair. 

 This made scheduling the bike ride / newsletter launch much easier.  I skipped the bike ride and opted for ice packs and an elevated leg.  Over three weeks later, I still have a lump. 

The Archives
Because I was sitting down instead of drifting about from place to place doing this and that, I decided to do something useful and consolidate the TKGA archives.  When they came to me, there were 6 sets of index cards, sorted (mostly) A-Z.  One for those in the Master Hand Knitter program, another for those in the Master Hand Knitter program, a third for those who had completed Level 2of the Master Hand Knitter program, a fourth for those who had completed the entire Master Hand Knitter program, a fifth for those in the Master Machine Knitter program, and a sixth for those in the Master Machine Knitter program.  By my judgment, that was four sets too many.  So I consolidated:  One for MHK, one for MMK.

I also knit a pair of socks, and a pillow cover, neither of which are available for photos.  Use your imagination! 

But reading ... our library has a nifty program whereby those who do not live in a town with a library branch can have books MAILED to them.  I heard about a book called Deep Nutrition, thought it sounded interesting, and requested it.  It is FASCINATING.  (Warning: don't read the book right before a major holiday involving lots of baked goods or candy.)  I heartily recommend as fodder-for-thought to anyone interested in making nutritious food choices, or those wishing away a health problem.  Just fascinating.  My mom (who has the book now) requested The Unsettlers, which I also read.  I didn't expect to find Wendell Berry mentioned in it quite so many times as he showed up.  More food for thought, but in a very different way.  My current audiobook is Twenty Years After by Dumas. 

With the advent of spring, we have the advent of gardening.  The kale (Lacinato, not Siberian this year!) has been transplanted, the Swiss chard planted, and two beds have received the fruit and veggie scraps that have been accumulating in gallon ice cream buckets all winter.  (A benefit of Minnesota cold is that you can put such buckets in an unheated back room and they don't become unliveable for a few months, at which point winter is enough over that they can be set out in the garden, waiting for the ground to be diggable).  There's also the advent of stinging nettles.  Last year, I experimented with them as tea for allergies.  This year, I'm diving into Nettles As A Leafy Green Vegetable.  Nettles sauteed in butter?  Yum!  Nettle soup? Delicious.  Mom's yard is my source of nettles, otherwise I'd be having them daily.  If I didn't know how invasive and pesty the things are, I'd be planning out a spot for them in my yard. 

Happy spring to you all!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Oh, and a Tea Cozy

My normal tea pot is visiting Kentucky this month, along with the tea cozy I designed for it, and for Adagio's PersonaliTea Pot.  That leaves me with just a small tea pot to use, and in the grand scheme of first world problems, it has been a miniature trial.  As one who sips tea throughout the day, it's a bit of a challenge to only get two cups of tea out of one pot.  And especially one pot that had a tea cozy which was a bit of a challenge to get on/off, being a bit undersized and gappy. 

So, what's a knitter to do?  Knit a tea cozy, of course!  And since a friend of mine had sent me in quest of tea cozies on Ravelry, I already had a good idea which one I wanted to make.  (Totally ignoring the pattern, mind you, which was in a magazine from several years ago.)  So I rummaged in my stash, pulled my favorite needles out of a sweater sleeve (hibernating at the time, finished now), and cast on. 

Behold, my tea cozy!
It's lined, and I am happy to say that I have 6, possibly 7, fewer oddments of yarn in my Fingering-weight Wool Yarn Stash.  And of those, only the gray can be positively dated to this millenium. 

The current project is a stash-busting Honey Cowl, which is slated to remove 100 grams of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Denim from my stash. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Popping in briefly

Filius was home for spring break recently, and he managed to get my iPad talking to my computer briefly, at least as regards sharing photos. Here we have the Huge Glove
This glove has a rather cunning construction, and, when knit to gauge, would be a fabulous project for the knitter who doesn't like to weave in ends but adores finicky construction.  I believe that the whole glove is knit with a single strand of yarn - no scissors necessary.  No purling, either.  It comes from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knit One, Knit All.  It will remain an orphan glove, but it did use up some yarn from my stash!

When Filii are home, bread must be made.  Here's a charming little loaf of a simple no-knead bread.  I do not think it survived to see the night. 

And then we have Grace.  Grace has been on the needles for a while, awaiting this and that.  I was very happy to get her off the needles and blocked, since my gauge was turning a 40" sweater into a 33" sweater, and I was starting to wonder what had happened.  I've made 4 sweaters with this yarn now, three of them while using a knitting belt and the same set of needles ... and everything in my closet had a gauge of 7 spi, while Grace was coming in at 8 spi.  She blocked to the right size, so I am a happy camper.  Pewter buttons have since completed her ensemble.  And for you eagle-eyed ones, yes, I did spot and fix the unwanted purl stitch in the front zig-zags.  

Today is the first day of spring, and the geese are merrily flying west.  I am fairly sure I saw a 2-3 year old bald eagle when I was out this morning.  The sun is shining, and the 'must do' portion of today's activities is practically done.  The only items remaining are the ones that must happen at 1:45, 3:00, 3:30, and 6:00... and I can't get those done earlier. 

So many things to talk over and consider ... stop over for a cup of tea and let's get caught up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January Wrap-up

January was a busy month. 

Our minivan made it to 300,000 miles amidst ever-increasing signs of imminent expiration.  Mom loaned us her minivan for the week, long enough to get ours into the shop and receive a diagnosis of haemorrhaging oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, broken power steering fluid pump, and dying transmission.  With that diagnosis, I popped onto Craigslist, found a newer minivan (2 whole years newer!) than our derelict, and two days later we were the owners of a minivan with half the mileage of the faithful white one which serve us faithfully for so many years. 

Safely ensconced in a functioning minivan (mom's), Filia and I trekked up to the Cities with great caution on a skating rink of ice for some yearly check-ups.  Neither of the doctors we saw were happy with what the imaging showed, so rather than come home with the traditional bill of good health, we left with orders for more imaging, a visit with a local specialist, and a repeat appointment.  We stopped at a yarn shop to console ourselves and spend a gift certificate, and totally broke with tradition by eating at LeeAnn Chin instead of Arby's.  The roads were fine on our way home.

The bookcase ... was installed!  I couldn't be happier with it.  I've got a spot for the computer, and can work in comfort, surrounded by all the lovely resources that were in stacks upstairs.  I have space for more knitting books, and am lacking space for theology books, and language books... the arrangement will no doubt flex over the years as I dust and think of new ways to organize them, and as our interests ebb and flow.  

I began a new part-time, from-home job as a data administrator.  And I'm keeping busy with TKGA work. January was a wee bit barren for knitting projects, so I floundered around a bit.  The gloves I hoped to make with my gift certificate purchase didn't work out - a gauge/pattern mis-match - so I have repurposed the yarn into a mitten.  It doesn't photograph well, colorwise.  And it is now hibernating while I knit away on a cardigan.  One and a half sleeves to go! 
February has been quieter.  It couldn't help but be quieter, really. 

To celebrate, I shall go knit.