Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Projects

So much for the year of the Ball Band.

This month I finished the twined hat - no ball bands to show you.
I'm working on, and hope to finish tomorrow, a hap shawl - no ball bands to show you. The yarn doesn't have ball bands, being coned and partial cones.
The second skein of sock yarn I began this month didn't come with a ball band. But I did start it!

Insert picture of nothing < >.

Yup, that's my February knitting.

I'd have done more (and still had nothing to show for it) if I hadn't been sucked into genealogy research. The initial burst of activity is gone, thankfully, but there are so many fascinating little ends to hunt down, and a Certain Friend (who doesn't read this blog) keeps feeding me wonderful genealogy sites. Thanks, Patti. Just when I exhaust what I think I can find, you point me somewhere else.

Which is why I now know that Rebecca Wood Butts Bigelow's (b. 1824, NY) granddaughter Lillian Eagles Lee (b. 1876, MO) moved to Texas in 1920. You'd think with names like Leroy, Robert, Eunice, and Velva (in descending birth order), I'd be able to find them. But no ... do you know how many people there are named Robert Lee in Texas? We think they moved back to Kansas, anyways.

And there's your Carolyn's Bunnytrail Genealogy snippet for the day. If you're related, let me know! I like knitting things together, and that applies to BIG family trees as well as yarn.