Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tonight will be a quiet evening. The to-do list has been dispatched, the lists for tomorrow and future days will be ignored, and my most pressing activities are washing my hair and knitting.

I love evenings like this. Time to sit back and recharge, to create something (in tonight's case, a second sleeve on the wee little sample sweater from my previous post), to think, to pray -- I will enjoy this evening.
But I discovered I hadn't updated my blog yet this year, and I do not want to neglect it like I did last year. So - an update!
The knitting, it goes well. Since my last blog post I have redone three thumbs on half-mitts, knit 7 stranded socks, and made a stash hat for January. Oh, and another pair of Compass Mittens. There are 9 Compass Mitten projects on Ravelry. Five of them are mine. Why does that sound wrong? I have also reviewed (think think think) 4 knitting submissions and at least 5 resubmissions. And I made some pretty diagrams out of tortuous sentences for an answer key.
The filii, they are well. And the vir, he is well. Los perros quoque son bien. And the polyglot, she is ready to head off and knit. After the hairs are washed.