Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stormy Weather

Dogs have unique personalities. Our current dog does not like unsettled weather. He makes his dislike known by either attaching himself to my ankle and laying down on my feet if I stop moving, or by crawing into the smallest hidey-hole he can find and settling in for the duration.

Even if the duration never exactly happens, and the storm watches are one country over and never turn into storm warnings.

We've tried to help him get comfy by putting a dog bed in the space under my desk so he can retreat there, but you know ... he's a small dog, and space enough for an adult's legs is a large space. So, he practices burrowing.

In the children's desks.

Lately, he's been trying out both desks each day to see which one he can make the most comfortable. It makes for a messy floor.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I wonder what I'll do today?

Look what arrived in the mail today!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Knit From Your Shelf ... A Call for Updates!

Because I have something to say about my KFYS progress, I would like everyone else to chime in and report too. (It's rather like telling your children to put socks on because you're cold. Or that you're thirsty, what would they like to drink?)

My KFYS isn't quite trotting along at the project-a-month I had envisioned, or even the 'always have a project from the shelf on the needles.' I'm having a hard time keeping projects on the needles, actually. But they're not particularly from my shelf. I say 'not particularly' because I decided to consider At Sea as being from Knitting Ganseys. It's not, really ... but the author/designer is the same, and a friend sent me the book because I was going to be knitting the gansey, so ... it'll do.

Today, I ordered yarn for the Lupine Cardigan from Meg Swansen's Knitting. I'm not sure when I will sneak in the actual knitting, because rumor has it that I'll be getting yarn for a sample sweater in two weeks or so (yay!) and two weeks later have more yarn for more sample kntting (more yay!) and there are some other things in the works ... but I don't have anything NOW and since this unenviable condition may well occur again in the future, I wanted to take what steps I could to remedy the situation. (I thought about begging for a friend's WIPs, but decided against it. And my mom is helping me out by requesting a cozy for her iced tea glass. But that won't take me through 2 weeks of swimming lessons.)

After the cardigan gets knit (7-10 days of serious knitting), I will have just one unused book on my shelf. Any project from there should take about 1 month to finish, and I'm sure I can sneak that in this fall.

Anyone else have an end in sight?