Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stormy Weather

Dogs have unique personalities. Our current dog does not like unsettled weather. He makes his dislike known by either attaching himself to my ankle and laying down on my feet if I stop moving, or by crawing into the smallest hidey-hole he can find and settling in for the duration.

Even if the duration never exactly happens, and the storm watches are one country over and never turn into storm warnings.

We've tried to help him get comfy by putting a dog bed in the space under my desk so he can retreat there, but you know ... he's a small dog, and space enough for an adult's legs is a large space. So, he practices burrowing.

In the children's desks.

Lately, he's been trying out both desks each day to see which one he can make the most comfortable. It makes for a messy floor.


Rosemary said...

The radiator, the floor, the cubby, the DOG - I saw this photo and my first thought was, "Why did the kids take the CPU out of the cubby and make Spot get in it and then take his picture?" Gosh, it's eerie, but I could have taken this photo - even the op-art notebook lives in this house! Weird....


Carolyn said...

That's right - we have twin dogs! The dog has also, in the past two weeks, curled up on top of the snow boots in the closet, the bottom shelf of the bathroom cabinet behind the shampoo bottles, and he tried to figure out how he could lay between the desk and the wall - on top of the radiator. Nothing about the kids making him!

Rachel said...

Or he's unhappy with how you've arranged *his* desk.

"What are all these books doing here?" he seems to be saying in the second picture!

Holly said...

My collie gets weird when storms threaten-she doesn't burrow but she paces around and looks at me pleadingly.
CD is done and I've crashed and burned with the first on my list-Folk Knitting in Estonia. Don't worry-I've remedied the situation and am right back at it. Just hoping it goes better this time 'round!