Monday, September 04, 2017

Fair Photos and a quick update

On what looks to have been the day with the 2nd largest attendance in history, we went to the Minnesota State Fair.  Dear Husband says that once was enough people to last him a lifetime, and he doesn't plan to ever go back.  I will admit it was a bit crowded, and there were so many people I didn't stop to take the time for good photos.  However, I did take some, and handful came out with little enough blur that they are suitable for sharing.

The Third Places - a sampling

My gloves

Some items which didn't place

More items which didn't place

And more

Very blurry fourth-place items, including my blurry mittens

More items which didn't place.  Pretty!

Sanquhar Gloves in a different display case
This summer has seen some progress on the downstairs.  The trim was added in late spring, and once that was in I began contemplating and pricing window treatments.  The short version is I saved ALL sorts of money by making my own Roman shades. I'm quite pleased with them.  After two years, we have covers on the downstairs windows again!

Next up for home improvements is painting an upstairs bedroom, after a bit of spackling and sanding.  Home improvements have also included sealing a gap in the hopper of the pellet stove, replacing a defunct heating element in the dryer, and finally getting the thermostat properly mounted on the new drywall downstairs.  (New = Feb 2016)

We have some completed knitting, too!
A hat, blocking

Mittens, artsy-like
 There is a haul from the garden
Parsley, tomato conserve in the making, tomatoes, chocolate bell pepper, ground cherries, white summer squash, Alma Paprika peppers, Boothby's Blonde cukes, and Haralson apples. 

To top off all this loveliness, I am now a Certified Technical Editor! 

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