Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Pictures

Life after Poncho is proceeding apace. I've gotten the requisite standardized test ordered for my children, Christmas presents are purchased or - in two cases - in progress, editing Diogenes is moving forwards, and I am working on MK level III. I've also upgraded my computer with more memory, and gotten a new CPU fan. The previous one was growling at me so much our dog was beginning to take offense at it.

Here, by popular demand, are some pictures of the finished poncho. I've decided that myMK cable design project will be a hat to match the poncho. The yarn is smooth and light colored, and I've got some cable motifs to work with ... so why not? That leave a Scandinavian or Fair Isle pullover or cardigan for my other project. Oh, the possibilities!

I'm working on a second scarf cowl, this time in a sock yarn. I think it will turn out quite well, but if not ... it'll go back into a ball of yarn to become some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.

And because I've now entered the phase of Life After Poncho, I've gotten some work done on my secret argyles. Nothing tricky about the pattern, it's just that the work is clandestine. If you're reading this blog, they're not for you. Unfortunately, about 2-3 inches of the work was backwards. A misplaced diamond will do ugly things to a sock. I decided to set a good example for Denise, and frogged rather than compensate. (I've gotta admit, though, I *did* make some errors yesterday, and they're going to get disguised with two duplicate stitches added in to the finished product.)

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