Monday, December 29, 2008

Catching Up

The needles have been busy, and I'm afraid I haven't been writing my post-Christmas letters the way my to-do list has been telling me.

I have been decluttering, however. I sold a book on! (One less book to knit from my shelf out of) and immediately bought a book on I did *not* (picture extreme self-restraint) pre-order the reprinted Alice Starmore Fair Isle book. Too much of a good thing leaves the children unfed and the bills in a pile on the kitchen desk. And putting the book in my Amazon cart so I don't forget about it doesn't count.

As those of you who know my mom may have guessed, I got a knitting book for Christmas! It is sitting within arm's reach of my knitting chair, and despite the time I have spent with it, I'm still not sure what my first project will be. But it's a good book. I used the Blueberry pattern from it for a scarf using the fuzzy alpaca from my Knit Picks Alpaca Sampler. I have my doubts about how well it will stay blocked, but even unblocked, it makes a nice skinny scarf.

Also from that sampler, I've made the Treasured Neckerchief. If you have plans to make that pattern, check for errata, drop the first 8 rows of section 2 (the second second section mentioned, not the first) and don't be concerned if you're confused. I'll be happy for the company.

The blocking neckerchief reminds me of nothing more than a tapeworm. The color is gorgeous, and it is a nice quick knit. And one skein, as advertised! (Even with what I think are 16 extra rows.)

But on to the Beautiful Knitting.

First, let me introduce Wisteria. Wisteria is a quick knit, with lots of gorgeous cables and plenty of speedy stockinette. I think I could wear this sweater out quickly. It's warm, it's cozy ... and yes, I did shorten the sleeves. I have a pet peeve with sweaters that attack my dpns.

And cashmere. One cute little sample swatch of a lozenge with a single bead in it, all blocked out for your cosideration. I think this yarn has a future as an Estonian Lace shawl. Or maybe something from Heirloom knitting. Although the mittens made from a double strand of it were gorgeous -- 13.5 sts per inch leave one with plenty of room for detailed stranded patterns.

Tomorrow I may have a picture of the Last Christmas Present. It's from dh, and is in the mailstream somewhere. Will it arrive today?

I'd better go find out.

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Deborah said...

That Wisteria sweater is pretty. Where can I find the pattern?