Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm cheating


Because after all, the Knit From Your Shelf 2009 is something that has flexible rules. I have just flexed things in the direction of either starting early, or else trimming my book queue down to size before 2009 begins.

For you see, I have a new cousin being born in March. (Technically, he's a first cousin once removed, but that's too technical for newborns, so he gets to be a cousin or nephew.) And I had some yarn in my stash, see? And then Ravelry told me that in my Very Own Library was a nice baby item that was suitable for the yarn I had in my stash ... and is it terribly horrible if the book the project came from was on my list of books to use next year? No!

Thus, I have started a Baby Jacket, from Sally Melville's Color book. She likes the back side of linen stitch for the right side, but I am liking the right side for the right side. Time to ad lib!

I have also finished another Twined and Felted Hat, and decided that I need to regard felting with more respect. Yes, the hat is Too Small again. It was fine at one point (perhaps not suitable for the recipient, but still an adult M), but it is no longer fine. It is, instead, a Class Sample.

Today we are having a lovely, gorgeous blizzard. Tomorrow we are planning to enjoy some more of the same blizzard. This is good for knitting. If we have a power outage, I won't even feel bad about not working on Christmas sewing. Since Wisteria is finished (sorry, no pictures yet), my new goal is to get the baby jacket finished before the yarn arrives for some mittens. We shall see how that goes!

I just figured out how to use Macro on Filia's camera. Yay!!

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Pensguys said...

Oooooo! I LOVE those!!!!

Who cares if you're cheating, right? It's your party, so you can make up the rules. ;)