Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's Consider That Stash

Here is a picture of the yarn corner of my craft room. It's a bit, shall we say, populated? for a person who doesn't particularly have a stash. But truly, the only things there are more than one skein of are things that were given me by destashing people. Really!

Christmas hasn't changed that much. I got two lovely samplers from my mom, with 21 skeins between the two of them. And would you know, there are no duplicates in the lot? And nothing in the samplers duplicates anything that I already have. I call that Careful Planning!

I think I will take the four-skein bag first. Those are such gorgeous colors! The other bag is nice, too ... and it calls to me loudly of MITTENS! The colors are better in person.

But I am using stuff on hand. I finished the half-mitts, and took pictures (with macro!) of the silk/cotton swatch. It needs to be worked on bigger needles.

A cashmere swatch in 2/28NM is utterly gorgeous. Next in my swatching sights is the 2/28 silk!

A Russian Prime sweater in 10/28 cashwool is also calling to me.


Deborah said...

Such pretty yarn! Nothing says love like new yarn. Who needs jewelry, lol.

twistedinstitches said...

Pretty colors of yarn!

YOU have a very organized STASH!

And I would expect anything different?