Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I've Been Knitting

I've been doing some Christmas knitting lately (no pictures, and no progress report either. The recipient is a devoted reader of her mother's blog.)

I've done some other knitting, too. First, there was the Twined and Felted Hat. You see it displayed on an obliging child who shall remain nameless. (Partly because my best guess as to which one it is has to do with where the child is positioned in the house. ) The white threads are marking out a 4x4 square so I can get some good data on how twined knitting felts. I've done a pair of twined and felted mittens, which shrank 0% in width and 10% in length, but this is a larger sample. As you can see, I'm ready for the 10% in length!

But the hat didn't cooperate. It shrunk 7% in width and 30% in length, so as to fit a 5 year old quite nicely. The cuteness of it being yet apparent, and the warmth indubitable, I have another one on the needles for a travelling project.

Next to jump on the Traveling Project bandwagon was a pair of Endpaper Mitts, using a pattern from Latvian Dreams. They came out so nicely, that I decided I'd have to make another pair with a different pattern.

And then, I cast on for a puppy sweater. I've never made one before, but our dog has the knack of shivering when it's 80 degrees inside, and it's closer to 60 at the moment. (61.2 on top of the piano, to be precise.) I had some sport yarn that wasn't saying "Make Me Into Mittens!" so I used that, and with the help of a web pattern, had a dog sweater. It fit much better the first day than it does now, and I can see how to improve the fit in future sweaters, should they occur. But, it's done, and he Actually Wears It.

Although I did wake up a few days ago with an empty dog sweater next to me. There was a dog in it when I went to bed, and the dog was in HIS bed.

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