Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Last Christmas Present

It came! It came!

My husband's Christmas present to me arrived in the mail yesterday. And, in a fit of perfect timing, he picked up the mail on his way in to work, JUST before The Tube was popped into our box. So when I went to the post office, the only thing there was The Tube.

Behold, the contents of the tube. Aren't they pretty? They're even Christmassy colored. And such a nice little bag to store them in. After reading the warning on the packing slip, I am wondering if the bag is made of Kevlar.

But I can't blame the company for including the warning. People can get so lawsuit happy these days, I suppose a wise company makes provision for that. And since you may, at some time in your life, experience the euphoria of finding a set of these needles (sans packing slip), permit me to share with you some Necessary Information.

Signature Arts, LLC's knitting needles are intended for knitting purposes only. The knitting needles are sharp and should be handled with care, stored with the pointed end down, out of the reach of children, and should not be left on the floor. The knitting needles should also be carried with the pointed end down. The knitting needles should not be used in a moving vehicle due to the possibility they could cause the puncture of persons or air bags in the case of an accident. The knitting needles should not be stuck in the ear or in other body parts. Signature Needle Arts, LLC hereby disclaims liability for all claims for damages other than for damages provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code for breaches of warranties. Signature Needle Arts, LLC's liability shall in no event exceed the price of the knitting needles.

I'd like to go on record and note that never, EVER, have I become so distraught over a dropped stitch or other knitting accident so as to puncture persons or air bags. My children will bear witness to this. Now, if an air bag was about to explode on my knitting? Puncturing it might cross my mind. Self-defense, you know.

In most situations, I'm a law-abiding citizen, and quite willing to go along with suggested safety precautions. But I simply cannot countenance the idea of carrying these needles point down. Or storing them that way. It just won't work. And please, no one tell the airlines about the moving vehicles part.

But, on to the needles. There they lay (on the floor, sorry), just waiting for a project. Or at least a swatch.

The swatch of the day used Colourmart's 3/28NM Cashmere Heavy Laceweight. Oh, I like the needles. I was a wee bit concerned they'd be heavy ... but let me share some figures.
  • KnitPicks Harmony dpns - 4g
  • KnitPicks Metal dpns - 20g
  • Signature Needles dpns - 12g
They'll do just fine. I did a lozenge/bead swatch, and had so much yarn left over I decided to do a swatch from Estonian Lace. A single Lily of the Valley swatch, as a matter of fact. With the dreaded NUPPS!

The first two nupps on the bottom are 5 stitch nupps. The next 4 are 7 stitch nupps. I like them better... and the last two were even easy to work.

Please, no one mention the fact that one does not make a lace shawl on 6" dpns. It's a sad reality. But these needles are going to be greatly used for socks and mittens.

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Deborah said...

Pretty needles. Good thing I am completely addicted to circs. It will save me money. :)