Friday, December 26, 2008

In which evidence of sewing activities are produced

Christmas knitting always goes so much more smoothly than Christmas sewing. It's true I can sew, but I am not by any means a seamstress. It's not that sewing is a necessary evil, but sewing is not knitting, and I am not exactly competent with it. (Exhibit A: My husband did not get a homemade sweatshirt this year, because I read the layout wrong and ended up not having enough fabric for the front of the sweatshirt. Exhibit B: Plastic bag in craft room closet containing all the pieces for a nice flannel shirt (except it's chambray, I think) except the left front. I got the layout right, but the fabric shrunk in the pre-washing so there wasn't enough. And the fabric stores around here haven't had any of that fabric when I've looked for, oh, the last 5 years or so.)

But sometimes, I get things right. Observe Filius, in a custom-made pair of pajamas. "Polar fleece, please, because it's nice and toasty warm." The front is in the front, the plaids are reasonably matched, and the length of the pants is right around the ankles. Which means they'll be short in a few months, but he has socks to take care of that.

Next, we have Filia. Filia thought a nightgown might be nice this year. Something orange/pink and floral. Maybe even like her dear mom's Prairie Dress (which is made of blue and pink sprigged flannel and has always existed as a nightgown.) Filia tried mine on, pronounced it Good, and protested having to surrender it.
She now has her own. The thing is voluminous -- 7.5 yds of 45" wide flannel for a floor-length version, and a bit less for the calf-length. Before the yoke gathers, I think it had a circumference close to 8 ft. Which means, of course, that AFTER the gathers, the hem still has a huge circumference. Perfect for tucking one's legs up under nice toasty flannel. Here's a nice neckline detail, because I'm still having too much fun plaing with macro on the camera.

And what's even better? It's the same size as mine. That meant I didn't have to copy and cut out new pattern pieces, and if she ever decides she's not the snuggly flannel type ... I have a new nightgown!

I'm easily pleased.


Pensguys said...

Very nice sewing! I used to sew. ;)

Deborah said...

I always try to get more fabric than I think I'm going to need because those fabric layouts are insane. I don't think I've ever found one that actually worked in the real world.

What pattern did you use for those prairie gowns? I like it.

Shan said...

Very nice nightie. My nieces are going to be getting those for Christmas next year, but in white batiste. They are all heavily into Little House.

I haven't been here in weeks - internet fast for Christmas. You've got a lot of posts up!