Saturday, December 13, 2008

Knit From Your Shelf 2009

As the year is starting to wrap up, it's time to take stock of the task before me. I have nine 'unused' books on my shelf at the moment, am almost assuredly getting one more for Christmas, and may get even another one. Leaving aside the eager anticipation (Thanks, mom!) and speculation (did dh get the book?), that gives me
  • Arctic Lace
  • Sally Melville's Color
  • The Art of Fair Isle Knitting
  • Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified
  • Knitter's Stash
  • Armenian Knitting
  • Meg Swansen's Knitting
  • Robin Melanson's Mittens and Gloves book
  • 2 Debbie Macomber books
Now, the last two were sent to my author-dh, and I am not sure if they should count. I mean, just because someone sends your HUSBAND a knitting book, does that mean it's part of my shelf? The Mittens and Gloves book was given me (to rescue it from a fate worse than death), and I am wondering if Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified needs to find a new home. I do *not* like the technique they teach for stranding. We'll see if I still have that book at year's end.

I already know my first official project will be something from Armenian Knitting, probably the hat with the flower. Beyond that ... I was disappointed in the book. How one can take a technique which could be summed up as "Take an design normally worked in Intarsia and work it by stranding the unused yarn, trapping it every 4 stitches or so" and turn it into a book is beyond me.

Also in January, I hope to knit a sweater for Filius. The 'hope' is in there because I would like to use the yarn Elann is offering starting December 30th, and if there is a major Feeding Frenzy of Yarn Lovers and I don't get the color I'd like, then I won't be making it. The sweater is projected to be Rosemary's Not-Quite-Middle Sweater, from Green Mountain Spinnery (with adaptations. I mean, how CAN you jump from a 32" chest to a 40" chest in a basic sweater?)

From Color, I hope to knit one of the wraps. I forget if it's the Linen Stitch one or the Big Bang one. But that's the likely project there. Ann Feitelson's book has several very makeable projects, but the Fridarey Vest is my favorite. Knitter's Stash has a shawl in it a friend has asked for, and also the Celtic Cardigan, and some other nifty projects. I *think* I may have made a washcloth from that book, though. Maybe it needs to be dropped from the list?

That leaves me with Meg Swansen's Knitting. Box the Compass is the obvious choice there, for my mom ... but perhaps she will want something else.

That, plus two shawls, plus a pair of mittens, plus some other carefully chosen miscellaneous knitting, should take care of my bookshelf.

On my needles now is Wisteria. I started it earlier this week, and hope to finish it by Christmas. Which means ... I should go knit.

I wonder how long it takes Colourmart to send their samples? Maybe if I work REALLY hard, I can have Wisteria finished before they get here, and start playing immediately?

(edited to zap books which were used even before Christmas arrived.)

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twistedinstitches said...

I got that Fair Isle book from the library and I agree, the technique was NOT what I was expecting!

I need to get my knit list organized as to books now...thanks for the reminder!