Sunday, December 31, 2006

When forecasts are wrong

Today, we were supposed to get some snow mixed with rain. Somewhere around 2 PM, well after getting home from church, the annoying drizzle we've been getting the past plethora of hours was supposed to turn into sleet, and then snow. And maybe, if the forecast was correct, we'd get 1-3 inches of the white stuff before it melted tomorrow.
Around 10:00, it started to snow. It hasn't stopped yet. The trip home from church wasn't treacherous ... but we did travel at about half speed most of the way, and were glad we knew where the roads were. Our plans for tonight changed somewhat -- rather than go to the church New Year's Eve Party this evening and leaving our son there with a friend for a sleepover, and picking him up tomorrow morning at a New Year's Breakfast, we will instead stay put and keep said friend until such time as it's a wise idea to be out on the road.

The latest forecast calls for 6-10 inches. It's been a lovely afternoon for building snow forts, consuming hot cocoa, and looking out the window at a world which is not a dull brown.

My 'boring' projects are finished ... once again, nothing on the needles. Should I make it a tradition to have all my projects completed before I go to bed on New Year's Eve? Excepting, of course, the projects I don't want to count, like the leftover Rambling Road afghan that's been in a bag for a few years at my mom's house, in case I got stranded there with nothing to knit, and a certain quilt that's been languishing for not nearly that long? (although I do plan to finish the quilt in the coming year.)

First, we have the Doodle Doily.

This was made on size 2 needles, over 62 stitches, with a sampler pattern from Heirloom Knitting, and an old ball of Knit-Cro-Sheen that I happened to have laying around. I'd really like to know how old the yarn is ... the label said only J. P. Coats, Knit Cro Sheen, Boilfast. No color, no price, no nothing else. Another ball I have of probably the same vintage is a size 30 Clark Big Ball - for 29 cents. That's the printed price, not what I got it for. How long has it been since a Big Ball of size 30 cotton went for 29 cents? They look to be $2.19 now.

In any case, I cast on 62, knit for a while, then worked the Doris Edging around the rectangle, and grafted the edges together. I ran out of thread, but wouldn't you know, I happened to have some unlabelled thread of about the same size, so was able to finish it. It's blocking now, and I'll see tomorrow if it needs starching as well. I think I like it ... so now, to plot and plan the shawl!

The Leftover Sock Yarn Coast Project

I've gotten four coasters made (KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Vineyard, and Essential in Burgundy), and have just a few yards left of burgundy. What really surprised me is that the stripes lined up so nicely. I did not plan it in the least ... and probably will never repeat it. The coasters are a titch small, so I'm going to use a larger needle on the next set. Haven't made up my mind about fringing them yet either.

Today would be the perfect day to make a list of projects for the coming year, but it probably won't get done. I do know that I will be making a shawl (or several) from Victorian Lace Today, a sweater from a Green Mountain Spinnery book using Peace Fleece, and something akin to the Unst Lace Stole from Heirloom Knitting. It feels like 2007 might be a year of the shawl. Or maybe it will be the year of the S's. Socks, Shawls, Sweaters, and Stoles?

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Pensguys said...

I love the coasters! I think I'll add those to my list to make and give to my SIL. I will have some leftover sock yarn that will match perfectly with her dining room furniture.

That's catchy....the year of the S's.