Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Third Day of Christmas

was full, with doctors for mom, therapists for daughter, music practice for me ... and several hours of playing with friends for son. And after all that, we had to sneak in a library run to get a new batch of books. I'm not sure if all the Christmas books are read, but still, we can never pass up a library.

The Booga Bags are finished drying, and I've put the smaller one into service. It looks ... well ... rather like a Booga Bag. I am very glad that I had 15 mm needles handy, since I really doubt I would have been able to work the I-cord through anything smaller. If you are thinking of making the Booga out of bulky yarn instead of worsted, consider also using 4 stitches for your I-cord instead of 5. My current projects on the needles are rather boring ... a coaster (3 of 4) using leftover sock yarn and a lace swatch for a nightstand, using some leftover bedspread cotton. While I'm not joining Knit From Your Stash 2007, I am going to try and decrease the volume required for leftover sock yarn storage. I also hope to make some dresser scarves and such-like, and since I have fine cotton hanging around, I will probably use that.

In lieu of photos of non-fascinating project photos, I have some dog photos. Here, you have a cuddly widdle puppy dog expressing his displeasure at having a mob cap placed on his recumbent form.
And here, you have a photo which, once again, missed the pose with both legs stretched out. When we got him from the shelter, his name was Taffy. I think his stretching ability must have been what inspired the name. He'll crawl along at full stretch as fast as I can walk ... and it must be a great way to get a tummy rub. Is this common to terriers, I wonder?

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