Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And the second day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, I knit. And on the second day of Christmas, I uploaded photos of what I knit.
But long before Christmas, I was stealth knitting, stealth designing, and stealth correcting. I'd set up a lovely pattern for my son's gansey. All was going along quite well for the first 50 rows, and then I took a good look at it. I realized that one side of the diamond pattern had 1 plain knit stitch, and the other side, because of its adjacency to another pattern, had 3 plain knit stitches. I stopped, contemplated, and decided it was time for a mid-course correction.
Doesn't that look mid-course-correctiony? I ran back 2 stitches of stockinette, and reworked them to match the garter pattern on their left. If you look carefully, you can see the three stitches next to the diamonds at the left edge that are next in my sights to fix.

I am *so glad* that I stayed up late to fix both sides. It would have taken great fortitude to pick the sweater up the next day and continue correcting. There must be some anesthetic quality to shock which allows people to rework large amounts of mis-knit material on the same day the error is identified. I also had to fix the back when I got around to it, but that was only 15 rows or so.

It wasn't until I started working on the shoulders that I realized I'd mis-knit / mis-remembered the diamond pattern I had planned to use. I did not go back and revamp those, however. They were diamonds, they looked good ... and if they didn't match what I had on my graph paper, I'd just throw away the graph paper and keep the sweater.

The finished product came out quite nicely...
The garter collar didn't behave like I wanted it to, but the recipient is happy, the sweater fits, and the initials at the lower right corner of the sweater were a nice touch. He likes the matching socks too ... they keep his toesies warm.

Today is a reading and crafting day around here. And a day to continue writing an answer key. Merry 2nd day after Christmas, all!


Pensguys said...

NICE! Love the color!

Holly said...

Wow-good for you!

Theresa said...

The gansey turned out great! :o)