Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas checklist

  1. Take bag of finished Christmas goodies to church on Sunday and plop it into mom's car so she can wrap them in the afternoon before we get there.
  2. Show up at Mom's house (aka Grandma's house, which is over the river and through the woods) after Christmas Eve Service.
Okay, there is a smidge more than this on my checklist. Feeding my family between now and Christmas eve, wiping the dog's feet when he comes in, practicing harp ...

The sewing is done. The knitting is done. The quilt shall remain buried wherever it has been buried since I moved into my current craft room. I have, essentially, two days to doodle knit. Or perchance ... not knit? What would happen if I didn't get something on the needles in the next 2 hours? Would they atrophy?

You've read about my stealth knitting. In the same vein, I got a stealth package this week. I wasn't expecting it. It didn't even come with a name. It came with a return address of Celtic Swan Forge, however, and may I say how much I am looking forward to opening the package? My mom was sweet and opened the package for me to discover the sender (I guessed right, at least, once I found out it wasn't from my mom) and has since rewrapped it so I won't know which particular package under the tree (or in the port-a-crib, to preserve it from the frolics of the household canines) contains the ?????????? from Celtic Swan.

Thank you, O Stealth Package Sender!

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