Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The First Day of Christmas

For Theresa, who wanted to see the Harebell Lace Fichu ... here 'tis. The pattern worked out wonderfully. There were a few places where pen and paper were handy to keep tabs on how to do which kind of join, and working a sample of the lace was invaluable in figuring out the method behind the madness (and also decipher the chart symbols, since I didn't have the entire book to work from at the time). I used Schafer yarns in Anne and have a good chunk of the skein left. I'll have to weigh it and see if there's enough for a second fichu.

And here's the socks in Claudia's Handpainted Yarns, colorway John B, lace pattern Field of Flowers (mis-remembered) from Heirloom Kniting. I love how the yarn striping worked in the stockinette portion.

Right now, on my needles, I have a facecloth (aka washcloth, but can you really call a lace concoction a washcloth?) in white dishcloth cotton. It's my second of the day, using stitch pattens from my New Barbara Walker Treasury (4 vols plus Mosaic Knitting!).

My semiBooga Bags are drying in the window now. I couldn't use the silver yarn needle to weave in the ends, because it had stayed in a crevice in the couch at my mom's house. The side effect of this minor travesty was that I discovered that using a Fine Quality Tool can make an otherwise unpleasant task more palatable. Pity I couldn't use it last night with all those ends. The bags felted up nicely, and are perched over 3 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica (the large bag) and 8 volumes of Elsie Dinsmore (the small bag). The books are, of course, covered in plastic.

Coming tomorrow ... Stealth Project #3 photos!


Pensguys said...

VERY nice!

I bought some Claudia to try soon.

And, hey! Is that you?

Moorecat said...

I really like the look of the Fichu, but was the picture taken before or after blocking?

Oh, and the socks are great, too :)

Carolyn said...

The fichu pictures were after blocking. I think it could be a bit of a gauge issue - but I *always* knit tighter than gauge, and used the recommended size needles. When I blocked it, it was tricky to keep the collar band to 24", and I couldn't spread out the outside edge as much as I wanted to.

Yes, I'm the fichu model. The photographer was my son.

Theresa said...

Thank you for the picture. Now I get to see you too! Your daughter looks quite a bit like you...I bet you get told that all the time. :o) The fichu is beautiful. I've knit with the Schaeffer Anne yarn before and it's nice. I can't wait to knit my fichu. I hope your Mom really likes it and wears it! I have some teal Zephyr wool/silk I'm thinking of doing mine with but haven't decided yet. I was thinking I might make a white blouse to wear it over as well. Thanks for the tips on what worked well for you too.

Denise said...

Lovely fichu - though I have never heard of such a thing - and lovely model. I had no idea your children looked so much like you!!