Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Snatching another moment

The more I have to do, the more organized I get with my time.  And that reminds me of something my knitting mentor Cindy said several years ago -- if you really want to get something done, ask the busiest person.  It makes an odd sort of sense, but at the same time, I am not fond of 'busy'.  There's a connotation of rushing around and not having time to do what is important.  And I like to do what is important, and skip the rushing around. 

No pictures this week -- they didn't make the to-do list.  I'm still waiting for more black yarn for last week's mittens, and started a cute little Finnish Gansey, for which I am also now waiting for more yarn (but it should be in the mail to me shortly, unlike the black yarn, which I am still putting out feelers to find).  Today's knitting will be a repair of the thumbs of my Sanquhar gloves from 2008, and if the day is longer than I think it is, casting on for a pair of mittens which I am designing to match a lovely sweater I saw in church two weeks ago. 

Filia reports for graduation in 49 hours and 19 minutes.  Then comes finals week, and then I'll have a house full until school starts up again (for Filius).  Filia has some more interviews coming up - local ones - which delights my mama's heart.  It would be lovely to have her nearby, rather than a few hours off.  We wait to see which door God will open.  The knuckles of patient knocking are certainly being exercised! 

This year's Chai Spiced Honey will be ramped up from the previous years' version.  I lost my bookmarks when I reset the computer -- I'm sure I went into that story already, which in short is that I backed up my bookmarks on the hard drive rather than on something that wasn't going to get wiped -- and in hunting for a recipe, before checking my blog, I found one that used roughly 9 times the spices.  3 tablespoons of cinnamon instead of 1 teaspoon, etc.  Mmmmm! 

And caramels, and biscotti, and gingerbread fudge, and stollen, oh my!

Enough moment-snatching.  Time to go be productive! 

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