Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve, and all is well.

It's the eve of Christmas Eve, and all is well.  The stocking are hung on the bookshelves with care, and there is no pending ice storm, and no one is sniffling or coughing, and God is sovereign.  It's a perfect day to curl up with a good book, a cuppa tea, and rejoice in the knowledge that Christ has come into the world, and is coming again. 

The curling up bit is going to wait for a while, though, since I signed two knitting contracts yesterday, have a mitten thumb to finish today (because the yarn came in, not because I need to finish it by Christmas), and there's a knitting submission on my table to evaluate.  And a cheeseball to make, and music to practice, and a few dozen other little things that need doing.  Like Christmas cards!  If I can't be curled up with a book or some good knitting, having a list of things to be productive with is the next best thing. 

Filia is still job-interviewing. The first one on Monday was a bit of a disappointment -- a 2 hour drive there, 5 minute interview, and 2 hour drive back home. Bleagh. I didn't get much knitting done during the interview. Interview today, interview next Tuesday, and sometime between Christmas and New Year's she'll hear the results of Monday's second interview.  I think in the past month she has interviewed more than Vir and I have in our entire lives.  The internet sure has changed how one goes about finding a job. 

I am confronting my fudge-making nemesis head-on this year, and not doing too badly.  The gingerbread fudge came out delicious ... after cooking it according to the directions and having it be much too caramelly, then recooking it and having it still be caramelly (but the bottom of the pan's bits were perfect), and recooking it (and having it turn into perfect fudge while cooling to 110, and being totally stuck in the pan), and recooking it and pouring it STRAIGHT INTO THE 8x8 WHILE TOASTY WARM (ahem).  So when the sour cream fudge decided that it was going to set JUST when I was turning the saucepan upside down to pour it out ... I reheated the bits that wouldn't come out easily (about a cup or so of fudge), ignored the 'cool down, beat until the gloss is gone' bit, and voila ... perfect fudge.  Much perfecter than the squashed stalactite which I managed to extract from the rapidly setting fudge in the saucepan. Thermometers are tricksy and false, and gloss is a myth.  I am going to try ignoring both those things in my next batch, and see how things go. 

German Chocolate Macaroons were much-enjoyed during church fellowship time.  I was delighted with how they came out, and happy to make something that got eaten.  The stollen also behaved itself this year, and my four loaves have turned into one.  The one would be GONE if it were sliced, but Filius is showing great restraint and letting me save a half-loaf for Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas to all!  Maranatha.

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