Wednesday, December 16, 2015

And another ...

Today is the day Filia and Filius arrive home!  With the festivities of the day (including a celebratory Finals Week Meal in town, completely packing one dorm room, partially packing another, and getting Grandma's live Christmas tree), it will be a long day.  But a good one. 

This past week has not been slow.  The post office and UPS man have been busy, bringing a box or two a day.  Most of the contents have been wrapped and are awaiting transport to under Grandma's Christmas tree.  The dog bed, however, is adorning the living room floor, and is usually decorated with Canis.  It's MUCH better than the previous bed, which was a bit on the lumpy side and he could never get comfortable in it.  At least, I'm assuming that is why each night he took the nicely polar-fleece-wrapped dog bed, tucked nicely in the corner, and rearranged it so that it was a few feet away from the original location, unwrapped, and wadded up into half its size.  He also approves of the Dental Kong, so long as there is peanut butter inside it.  One package is still on its way from Turkey, but I think that wraps up (unintentional pun) the Christmas presents that are coming in the mail. 

Graduation was delightful.  Filia looked very sombre when she was hooded, but someone snapped this photo of her at the reception ...
and I like it very much.  Congratulations, Filia!!!  (And that box on her lap holds the Most Charming perpetual calendar I have ever seen.


Monday's job interview didn't go exactly as planned, neither for Filia nor for several other interviewees.  The company had advertised for the wrong position.  Oops!  Two more interviews are coming up on Monday. 

Knitting ... I have yarn to finish the cute little Finnish Gansey, yarn has been ordered to finish the mittens from Graph 98 in Latvian Mittens, one commission is completed, the thumbs of last week were reknit, and the Church Lady Mittens (sorry, Lola) have just one tip and one thumb left.  I'm normally a very monogamous knitter, so it pains me to say that somehow I had FOUR projects on the needle yesterday.  Three, literally, and one is at the point of picking up stitches to knit a sleeve.  Right now there are just three, period, and by this weekend that should be down to one.  Except I won't have yarn to finish it yet, and will 'need' to cast on something else.  Alas. 

Holiday Baking!  I wish I had the caramel recipe that we loved last year, but I erased it when I forgot to save my bookmarks to a drive that was NOT being reformatted.  If you have a tried and true one, do share! In the next week we'll be baking all sorts of goodies to adorn the Christmassy paper plates I got yesterday, then duck between freezing raindrop and flurries to deliver them to neighbors.  It doesn't look like there will be a white Christmas this year.  Happily, Christmas does not depend on the color of the ground outside. 

Until next week...

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