Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big joys and small annoyances

The annoyances are easier to catalog.
  1. One of the major reasons why it takes forever for roast vegetables to roast is that my oven temperature, according to at least one oven thermometer, is often 80 degrees lower than the temperature setting. Can I blame all the cooking failures of the past 15 years on this? Maybe my no-burn granola will burn now.
  2. The oven isn't ALWAYS 80 degrees off. Sometimes it's pretty close. So I have to check every 5 minutes or so to be safe. There's no rhyme or reason. 425 = 500, 350 = 450, and yesterday for a while, 450 = 450.
  3. Updating our brand new GPS (aka speedometer) to the latest map has caused the GPS to become non-functional. Did I really want to spend 12 hours watching the computer download and install updates in order to find out that the installation would crash after 2+ hours, twice? No.
  4. My shawl isn't as long as I want it to be. And I have a finite amount of yarn. But, if there are 150 grams of yarn in a 71 st wide shawl, 78 grams of yarn should be enough to do a narrow VanDyke edging, no? Better be.
And now, for the Big Joys
  1. (Insert Happy Dance) I get to knit a gansey!
  2. (Insert Smile of Delight) It's by one of my favoritest designers! You know, the kind of designer whose patterns you'd knit up without even checking to see if you liked them because that would be redundant? Yes, that one.
  3. (Gleeful Grin) The yarn is en route. Louet Gems Merino Sport, which I've seen in Level II argyle socks, but have never worked with myself.
  4. (Sticking nose comically in air) No one else can knit it. The pattern is not publically available. That must mean I'm special. (cough, choke, return nose to normal position)
  5. I've spun up all the yarn from Shepherd's Harvest 2009 and am 37 repeats into 48+ repeats of the shawl I'm making with it.
  6. I had fresh asparagus from my garden yesterday.
  7. My swiss chard and parsely didn't get hit by the same hail that stopped us in our tracks while driving just 5 miles north of here. Nassssty hail. But the car is okay, and we were inside the car.
  8. My husband is so good at helping car dealerships realize they shouldn't charge us for fixing something that broke on the car while they were fixing something else.
  9. There are daffodils outside my window.
  10. There's fresh granola in the oven. Better go eat it!


Deborah said...

So are you test knitting this wonderful gansey? How does one get a job like this?

Pensguys said...

BOO on the annoyances!!!

Whoo Hoo on the joys!!! And yeah....I want to know the answers to Deborah's questions too.

Carolyn said...

Can I say God's Providence? It's a combination of a desire to be helpful, a love of knitting, a decent knitting resume (Yay, Ravelry!), and just reading knitting blogs. Really and truly.

Holly said...

Yay! Asparagus! I just planted some-so I'll have to wait 'til next year. But my chard is growing, too.
Will you be showing pics of the developing gansey?