Friday, April 23, 2010

Of Tea and Jenga

When children are small, often they find the packaging of a toy more appealing than the toy itself.
I thought those days were far behind me. (No, not ME finding the packaging more fun. My children.) Today's tea order's arrival shows that I have been operating under a severe delusion.

Consider: The Box
Consider: The Contents
Consider: The Result
Jenga, anyone?
Gratuitous Yarn Photo

And an update on my oven. Not only is 500 degrees on the dial equal to 420 degrees after 40 minutes, 350 is equal to 350 after one hour. And 450 is sometimes equal to 450, and other times it's equal to 375. Rather than get another stove for a wee bit more than it would take to make Lady Eleanor in the yarn used by the designer, I have reset my cooking mentality back to the days of the Wood Stove, and check the temperature every 5-10 minutes and adjust accordingly.
Happy Spring, everyone!


Pensguys said...

LOL!!! I'm confused...did you really get some tea?

LOVE the yarn!

Pensguys said...

Oh and re: the least yours isn't spontaneously locking itself and cleaning itself while dinner is cooking INSIDE of it! Errrr!!!

Deborah said...

Perhaps with all of this practice you should consider getting a wood cookstove.

Holly said...

I think along your lines(new stove=lady eleanor)when considering purchases :~)