Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Scraps of Paper

It's the end of April, which means it's time to check in and see what I've been up to this month as evidenced by ball bands.
I cheated a little bit. I'm including some ball bands which were laying on the floor in the craft room (hmm, when did THIS get used?) and also some partial balls that still need their bands. But I'm excluding quite a few bands that are perched on partial skeins of KP MerinoStyle, so it all works out.
Discovery of the month: Louet Gems Merino bands are HUGE!

It's lovely to knit with, too. No split stitches, except for when I goof and need to tink down 10 rows or so to rearrange a zig zag. And that only happens when I go to knit night. I've thought about avoiding knit night until the gansey is done, but since I found my first error - 10 rows back - only 5 minutes after sitting down to knit, I don't know if that would help.
I'm practically finished with the front, and am well into the back. Well, sort of. It's knit in the round up to the armholes, and then the parts split. Since I've just 4" or so to go on the back, let's just say I'm almost done with the body and leave it at that.

And here are the contents of my yarn stand. Needles, quilt (in the process of having the binding blind-stitched on), handspun scarf (waiting for the gansey to be done), and extra gansey yarn.

In other news, spring continues to be beautiful, and all sorts of things are growing in the yard. The car isn't fixed yet, but after waiting two weeks for the parts to arrive, we called and found that they'd been in for a while but someone forgot to call us. Hmmm. And there are just three weeks left in our school year.


Mt. Mom said...

Great progress on the gansey! This is the one you're test-knitting, right?

Louet GEMS is worsted-spun, rather than woolen-spun, so I expect it's a really good choice for textured-stitch work (and should hold up well to wear, too). Do you think so? I've used it for knitting with beads, including some pre-strung beads that kept getting slid along the yarn until they were all used; even with all that abrasion, the yarn didn't noticeably fuzz! I was thoroughly impressed.

Deborah said...

I love your knit stand! And that sweater is gorgeous!

fleegle said...

Glad you like the sweater! The fairy tale is all finished, but I have to take a photo. And that must wait for other events to ensue. Keep cool in the meantime!