Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monthly Ball Band Tally

March was a much better month for having ball bands.

The month's knitting tally includes a pair of socks, a finished baby cardigan, two pair of Compass mittens, and felted slippers. Some spinning also happened - and in fact, I'm planning on my next serious knitting project being a shawl to use the yarn. Serious knitting projects, because one simply cannot go days without knitting while waiting for yarn to be spun (although, since I'm the spinner, the yarn gets spun faster if I'm not knitting) and dried. And my spinning wheel doesn't fit into the front seat of the car (no, I do *not* need a traveling spindle.) So I need a traveling, non-serious, knitting project.

I finished up socks Tuesday morning and haven't cast on for something yet. I think it's a record.

Molly's Fault doesn't count as a project. It's a lifestyle.


Deborah said...

Where do you find the time to do so many projects this time of the year???

Carolyn said...

Never Not Knitting is pretty close to my motto. It's a rare day that doesn't let me have an hour or so in the evening to knit, and just a little less rare that I don't knit from the time the supper dishes are done until bedtime. My bedtime, not the children's.

One mitten done in April, so far! (If you don't count weaving in ends and tidying up the thumb hole. There are oodles of ends, and the hole needs some serious tidying.)

Rachel said...

Oooo love the Compass mittens!


Mine are waiting for someone to be brave and felt them.

I'm scared they WON'T shrink and I'll have to find a panda bear with cold feet. Not likely with today's forecast...

Holly said...

Carolyn, you amaze me! Never Not Knitting is right! Fantastic turn out! Maybe I should make that my motto for a while :~)
Those mittens are superb.