Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tour de Fleece ... the second day

Wool Balls are made by something like this process. I put mine in a mesh bag and tried hand-felting. It yields a ball with Great Crevasses ... rather like the last time I tried it, with 200 or so ends from the Fair Isle Mittens

I'm whizzing along on the Tour de Fleece. No pictures yet ... but today's progress includes finishing the spinning and plying of 48 grams Chocolate Brown, casting on and knitting the first 11 rounds of a mitten, finishing off Portable Project #1 (cotton scarf of donated Scheepjes slubby stuff), then starting and finishing off portable project #2 (scarf of Bernat Renaissance, 'Opal' - 40% mohair, 29% acrylic, 12 % Metallic Polyester, 14% W(ool?)) The yarn is so old that Ravelry doesn't know about it. And I have a label!

In addition, I have half of my gray fiber spun, and am ready to start bobbin #2. Can't do any more mitten knitten until I get the next color ready to go. And oh, does it spin like a dream! I love this stuff. No bugs, no casings, no little noils. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

No photos, of course. I've been too busy spinning it.

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Twistedinstitches said...

Oh your gray fiber sounds LOVELY! I wish you could bring your wheel in September.

And you have yarn Ravelry doesn't know about?

Are you sure you don't have in your hands a *genuine* antique? I hear people pay tons of $$$ for antiques....:GRIN: