Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Something for you to feast your eyes on, Rachel! Either the birds are ignoring the tree this year, or we are staying one step ahead of them by the grace of God.

Here is our garden's "semi-bush" acorn squash. I had no idea that anything semi-bush would grow to four feet and threaten to take over the pear tree we planted last year. The watermelon are underneath the squash, and it seems to have designs on the tomato cages around it as well. I just hope we get some squash off it!
Tomatoes. Green. Unfried.
Tour de Fleece Latvian Mitten, ready for top decreases. It's 6.5" in circumference before blocking, so I'm guessing it will be just right for a young girl. Although with the colors, a discerning boy of the right age would work as well. I know one thing--it's going to be TOASTY WARM.


twistedinstitches said...

DROOLING shamelessly...wonderful cherries.

May the pies be plentiful and the ice cream COLD!!!

Quite a garden you have there my friend!

BUT the mitten...:SIGH: what a lovely mitten.

Your gray is to be admired and your pattern is very, very lovely.

Now, if you had a Latvian Grandmother, she would be very, very proud!!!


(Thanks so much for sharing!)

Pinneguri said...

These mittens are just so beautiful :)

Denise said...

Cherries. I covet. Cherry pie might be my first choice for favorite desert of all time, though I have only rarely made one. Yum-o.

The mittens are lovely as well.

: )

Pensguys said...

PASS the cherries please! :)