Wednesday, July 30, 2008

County Fair time!

Fair time is here, and last week I went through my basket of finished items and came up withThis isn't all of the items in the basket, but it's the 'neat' ones, or ones (like the socks) that I really needed to include to add some balance to my entry form. There are 12 or so categories for knitted items at the fair, and one of them is "Gloves/Mittens/Scarf". That pretty much covers what I knit, excepting hats, for which there is no category. So that little pair of baby socks needs to be in there for balance. Don't you think? (Notice that I'm not trying to bring balance to my knitting. I'm bringing balance to my entry form. Maybe?)

Finished objects dropped off my needles like flies this past week, and some of them were so unexpected that I didn't enter them in the fair. I could add them, I suppose ... but I don't think I will. They would add nice balance. Have you ever seen anything less like a mitten than the below-pictured stashbusting compilation of yarn?

Such a pretty thing. The menfolk in the house use it as a football. Each point has about 3 grams of sock yarn in it, and the free pattern is here

I also finished up the Southwestern Latvians. They are cozy, and if I didn't already have a pair of mittens I loved, these would take up residence in the drawer of winter wear. But I do, so they won't. The pattern is from a graph in Latvian Dreams.
After finishing these, a tea cozy, plain vanilla hat, and felted slippers dropped off my needles in short order. (Really short. One pair of slippers = 4 hours of knitting.)

Coming up next month in the Puritan Reading Challenge: Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices. I'm ready for it.


Pensguys said...

Very nice fair items! You do such great work!

I LOVE the celestine! What a great idea for leftover sock yarn!

twistedinstitches said...

Waaaah, I want a basket like yours to pick from...

You are the most awesome of awesome knitters. I want to be like YOU when I grow up...!

JeanTownsend said...

I need mitten help really bad. I am trying and trying to fringe my latvian mittens. my fringe seems to just hang all uneven. please if you can give any suggestions i would so appreciate it. some are shown on my blog just jeanie. but none with fringe because i just cant do it.

fleegle said...

And even more exquisite mittens! I do love the, um, starball. It's clever and pretty too!

MaryjoO said...

had to chuckle at your football -- I made a crocheted version that I likened to "cow udders from space" or a failed Madonna 80's bustier protype ... too funny.
Nice mittens!