Monday, July 07, 2008


Double-Bordered Scarf.

Next, one Wool Ball stuck on one of the maidens, and the current state of my spinning wheel. (The gray is what I'm working on; the white is left over from days gone by.)

Then, there's my two Stashbusting Scarves. Cotton Color Scheepjes,anyone? Or Bernat Renaissance?

Lastly, we have the current state of the Latvian mitten (artfully posed with a mug of tea and an experimental stash-busing doily in their natural habitat) and an even more artsy photo of "Dog in Window through Foreground of Harp Strings and Shawl during Summer."


Pensguys said...

LOVE the doggie in the window art pose. :) LOL

LOVELY knitting

So what do you use the wool balls for again?

Anonymous said...

double border scarf = fab! what's the yarn?

TwistedinStitches said...

Oh yes, LOVE the gray.

And the purple scarf.

As for the dog in the purple thinks it would look lovelier on you or daughter.

Plus the dog hair factor.

:) THANKS so much for sharing! You are such an inspiration!!!