Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The votes are in, and the winner is ....

Cast on Saturday, finished on Sunday. Now, to make the second one.

Also on Saturday, I finished a second pair of socks for Renee. The yarn for two more pairs is sitting in my knitting basket, but I haven't cast on yet. I'm experiencing a small (VERY small) project crunch.

Tomorrow night, I'll be casting on for a pair of Latvian mittens. It's my first night of class! So that will be one project. The baby blanket is is my only project on the needles at the moment, and it doubles as traveling project AND home project. Such flexibility! It's also almost done.

I need to do some thinking in print to figure out which needles go where. Anu, obviously, gets the same needles that the first glove got. 3.0 mm? Whatever is out. The socks get 2.75 mm needles. So the Latvian mittens will get the 2.5 mm set. And may I be very, very careful if I get the 5th needles from those three projects in close, unused proximity to one another. I should probably measure the needles carefully before I store them, too.

Sanquhar, I am sad to say, has been bumped from April. I didn't have a good feeling about working gloves in laceweight alpaca, so I am going to be making them in wool. Since I have no appropriate white/cream wool, and since I think KnitPicks is about to come out with some new yarns (which makes it unwise to order from them at the moment, lest the new catalog arrive the next day), I will save my laceweight wool hunting for the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool-type festival in May, and then make the gloves in June.

April, then, will be open for the Sampler Stole!

I love planning things out. It promotes such a feeling of competency.

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