Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Glovely Dilemma - please vote!

I am in the midst of a dilemma.

I don't know what to knit next.

No, it's not THAT bad. I do have two projects on the needles, and two pair of socks waiting to be knit after the current sock is finished. And all for the same person, in the same perfect-for-traveling stockinette pattern. But, I have determined to knit the Sanquhar gloves in April. And I bethought myself that it might behoove me to knit a glove in something other than laceweight before attempting the Sanquhar gloves.

But I don't know which ones to make. Here are my choices:

1) Anu's Christmas Gloves. More pictures are at Ravlery if you can get there. I'd make them in gray and white Palette.
2) Merike's Gloves. And at Ravlery as well.
3) Vanalinn Gloves Ravelry photos

(ps - do you see why knitters like Ravelry? Everything is there!)

I just noticed that all three of these are by Nancy Bush. That 'splains that. But, Which One should I make?

All my class knitting is finished. I'm also compiling a nice batch of mitten-shaped gauge swatches, using Palette on size 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, and 3.0 mm needles. There's a jump of 8 stitches per inch from 2.0 to 2.25, so I suspect one of them is blocked and the other not blocked, or some other thing went seriously awry there. Otherwise, the gauge jumps about two stitches per four inches per quarter millimeter.

First, we have the finished St. Patrick's Day Latvian Mittens. They really are this green, if not a bit greener. I thought the grass green in the fringe would be the most obnoxious color, and so assigned it to the least used color. The mint then took grass's place as Most Insidiously Green Color Ever Invented. If you look at it long enough, the next mittens will start to have green undertones as well.

The second pair of mittens was knit to show how my two-color mitten will work, for those who do not wish to tackle Latvian fringe, braid, stranding, AND oodles of ends to weave in. I spaced the lice a bit further apart (how do you say 'lice' in Latvian?) Those mittens are gray and Blue Note Heather, one of my favorite KP heathers in Palette. They knit up nicely in about a day each. After doing three pair of fringed mittens this year, I think I'm ready to teach fringe. The handouts are written, ready to be copied ... and class starts in one week. Do you think I'll have any enthusiasm to impart?

The rest of my life:

Reading: The Godly Man's Picture is moving along nicely. It is an excellent book, and I'd be hard pressed to know whether I like it or The Bruised Reed better. The Hounds of the Morrigan is moving along excellently, and will probably go down as the Fastest Readalong Ever Done. We're getting about 40 pages done a day, and no one wants to miss it. We did read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in one sitting about 9 years ago ... but that was sitting in the bathroom while someone had a seriously misbehaving GI tract, so I don't think that counts. THotM has just the sort of humor that appeals to my children. Nawnchalonkly? Or Napoleon Barmy Potty? tee hee. However, it's probably not the best book for families that are avoiding Irish mythology.

The National Latin Exam is happening next week. I'm not expecting any perfect papers, but perhaps we'd be in the running for Fastest Time. I think they took the practice test in about 3 minutes today, with another 2 spent looking over the answers. Now, to spend the next few days working on Testing Skills. Ack.

Fountain Pens: I have discovered my favorite color of ink -- Noodler's Pasternak. It's a lovely lavender blue, and works well in my pens. It makes me happy to write with it. And if I dump my hot tea on my knitting notebook, I won't lose anything I've written because it's waterproof! (bulletproof, actually ... anything that stops short of destroying the paper will not disturb the ink.)

Stay tuned for Which Gloves End Up on the Needles!

(ps - I'm thinking of making the Sanquhar gloves in Alpaca laceweight. Anyone had bad experiences with that? I know about the slippery knitting bit, but wonder about the elasticity of the gloves)


Shan said...

Definitely Anu. (But I like colourwork in general.)

Oh I'm so glad you're enjoying The Hounds. I'm doing a little clap-my-hands-and-jump-up-and-down favourite book!

Denise said...

All are lovely, but I vote Anu, too; spectacular.

Pensguys said...

I love the Anu (love the black/white and am tempted to try these myself one day when I grow up ;)) but if you are doing all gloves with colorwork, would you prefer to do a "plainer" glove?

MagistraCarminae said...

I vote Anu, too. I am in awe that anyone can knit such lovely things!

Anonymous said...

Merike's they look interesting.

Jenny said...

I vote Anu, too. Although Vanalinn is giving me ideas about a pair of fingerless gloves...

Just A Mom said...

I vote Anu too!!!

Love the greens! They will spark much conversation when you wear them. I would answer the inquiring person with a fake Irish accent and tell them their Latvian. Let them think on that!!!

OH, and my Vetsmom (grandma) from Riga would say the body of your mitten is "salt and pepper" (pepper being the darker color sprinkled through-out) I don't know if that's an accurate way to call the pattern or not, but that's what she used to say.

I have a friend working Anu and she's having fun with it...challenging enough.

But Vanalinn would run a close second. Those look more "folk-sy" to me.



Becca said...

Oh, Carolyn, I really did not need anything else in my Ravelry queue! But I love Merike's gloves. Gloves are pretty high up on my next-to-knit list as well. I don't care for the Vanalinn gloves because lace seems kind of counter-productive for a cold weather item like gloves.

Good luck on the Latin testing. We are slogging through our first and likely last year with Latin. DS has decided that the fun part is the root words and he hates the grammar part. I can't disagree.

Pinneguri said...

Me too like the Merike's Gloves better, it seems like you still have a problem ;)
They became very nice, the St. Patric Mittens. Sorry I am not around to get a course on the Fringe Thing, I really should learn two color fringe too. Good luck with the course :D