Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knitting merrily away

This past week saw:

My first knitting class. I had four students, and in two hours of class time we got the first 6 or so rows done of a sample Latvian mitten. After the fringe, everyone agreed that the braid was a piece of cake. Here are my 'Scottish Latvian Mittens' that I started during the class. The main color is leftover from my tourniquet sock, and the other colors were bought in Minnigap, right around the corner from Newton Stewart, Scotland, back on vacation in 1991. Definitely a pair of stash mittens.

Next Thursday in class I'll talk about mitten closures and thumb treatments. Since I remembered the existence of the thumb several rows past it's proper location, both these mittens will be excellent examples of an afterthought thumb.

Next on the agenda was finishing off Anu. I cast on late Saturday (had to get the Latvian mittens finished first, didn't I?), got a few rows done, and finished off the second glove on Sunday. They're still not blocked, but they're done!

On Monday, my husband popped over to the post office and brought me a stack of mail. The bottom three items took up more of my time than the rest. I love getting boxes in the mail! (Even if I just get to look at the contents and then mail them off again.)

Still, a knitter must knit. My mitten-knitting quota for this month has been met, so I hearkened to the call of the Sampler Stole and cast on. One hour later, I had 0.6% of the stole completed.

You're not impressed? I'm thrilled. It's going to be lovely. I can hardly wait to get started on it tonight. In an ideal world, I will get it finshed by Mother's Day Weekend so I can start in on the Sanquhar gloves as soon as I get the yarn for them. There are about 1720 rows of edging to knit on this thing ... so we'll see how close things are to 'ideal' after I get a chunk of edging done. And the edging comes after over 600 rows of non-body.


Shan said...

The gloves......the gloves.....they are KILLING ME with their beauty.

Pensguys said...


Denise said...

You went on a vacation to Scotland in 1991??

And you make really cool mittens?

Lucky you. : )

Lorna said...

The Latvian mittens are so beautiful! I must find that wool shop in Newton Stewart when i next visit my Granddad in Dumfries...