Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is ... where?

It's a lovely spring day today,and the forecast is calling for 2-6" of white stuff in the next 24 hours. I couldn't be happier. Filius, however, has decided the time for sledding and snowmen is past, and he's ready to be tree climbing and reading in cozy places several feet up. He is hoping the forecast is wrong, and it's a bit on the skimpy side (earlier this morning, it was for 4-8". Even better.) I do realize it will melt shortly after falling, and that will lead to Mud, the fifth season ... but that's the good thing about being a homebody. If there's a good roof on, and a wood floor, the mud isn't much of an issue.

Leave the shoes on the porch please.

The Sampler Stole is going along swimmingly. I ordered a pair of pointy needles yesterday, in the hopes that the knitting will go faster with the proper tools. Working with non-lace Addis can be rather like trying to use a ballpoint pen to push a thread through the eye of a needle. Futility. It is also the only excuse for the decrease known as KSP that I have come across. Can't get that fat needle through two loops for a K2tog? Regroup and KSP. Knit the first stitch, slip it back to the left needle, pass the second stitch over the first stitch, and pass that back to the right needle. Incredibly fiddly (and don't change the stitch orientation!), but fiddly is better than frustration. I'm on the 6th repeat, and have learned that 6 hours of knitting gives me a stiff neck. Should have worked on a sock somewhere in there, right? Percentage-wise, I'm around 25%, if my calculations are correct. Two more repeats--roughly 90 rows--and I get to start a border pattern! Joy, joy, joy.

I'm almost finished with The Godly Man's Picture, by Thomas Watson. One sentence struck me in my reading today: "Men, for a little smoke, will quench a great deal of light; God, for a great deal of smoke, will not quench a little light. .... this is our nature, to aggravate a little fault and diminish a great deal of virtue..."

I'm so glad knitting is good for thinking.


Just A Mom said...

Great minds think alike!!!

And yep yep yep.

Looking (dreading) forward to the mud and the icky shoes forthcoming...

Spring oh spring, where fore art thou Spring? (LOL or something like that)


gideonmommasita said...

Found your blog after blog hoping ...I love the title of your blog. Your knitting is beautiful.