Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby Bogdom

As requested, here is a picture of Filia's Baby Bog jacket.

But wait ... there are some booties with it! And there's another Baby Bog jacket! Yes, the Baby Bog Bug struck. You're looking at Projects From The Stash as well. I worked mine pretty close ... the scraps on the right is ALL the leftover I had of that yarn type (Swish Superwash). I was wondering if I'd be in the sad position of ordering more yarn so I could finish a stash project.

Bohemian Wrapsody Socks are finished as well. I hunted through my sock stash to find two yarns that would go together reasonably well, and in reasonable quantities. I wound them each into two balls of equal weight (four ball), tucked them in my sock bag, and headed off somewhere with a boy looking like this...

and by the time we got home, I had a decent amount of sock done. Nothing has happened to it today, since I have cleaned the pantry. (which would be an even bigger gasp if I hadn't caught the missing 'r' in that last word.) Things have been lurking on those four shelves since we moved into this house, I think. But, the shelves are now tidy, and the bathroom looks neat.

Bathroom? Didn't I say I was cleaning the pantry? (there goes that r again.) I was. The pantry is scant inches from the necessary feature of the bathroom, and opposite the washer. Which is not a front loader, since there is roughly 18" between the front of the washer and the vanity. And next to the vanity? The basement door, opposite the dryer. In a room that is about 4x8. It's snug. I have delusions of making it more w/c accessible some day by changing the vanity to a pedestal sink.

I am also DISPOSING OF 2 boxes of medical supplies (to a health clinic rather than the landfill, yay!) and sending away four AFOs, 1 KAFO, and 1 TLSO to a medical mission. (And if you can read that last line without blinking, you probably know what SB, HKAFO, RGO, and ACMII stand for also, and don't think Private Eye when you think Ace Malone. ) That will free up some space for more dryer lint to collect in.

And to round out the hats I wear, this evening found me studying some directions on my computer, waving scissors around, and looking at the back (sides, and front) of Filia's head.

She's quite pleased with the results. Tomorrow, I'm going to let her trim my hair. And maybe then I'll find time to open a book.


Carissa said...

The Bog jackets are very cute! I'll have to keep the pattern in mind, especially since the next one will be my first winter baby! I love the socks too. I need to knit some more for hubby! Oh, Spring Fling looks great also. It is the perfect kind of summer sweater.

Denise said...

I love the baby bogs! Very nice. The socks, the boy, and hairdo are all lovely as well. : )

And congratulations on sharing all of those unneeded acronyms. I pray for their safe arrival
at a new needful home.

Pensguys said...

Those are so cute!!!!

Holly said...

Great bog knitting! We replaced our cabinet with a pedestal last year. You won't be sorry!