Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter seems to have arrived

I'm an unabashed fan of winter weather. When I read that tomorrow is our last day in double digits above zero for the forseeable future, I was delighted.

Still, being inside for warmth is not providing me with sufficient time to do everything I wish I could do. Editing, music, reading, writing (with my dip pens, of course!), knitting ... and of course, sipping hot tea while listening to good music, with a dog curled up by my side. This week in math we've begun to study solving linear equations. I'm having lots of fun, and my children are looking at me doubtfully. Really, though ... is there anything so much fun as a linear equation?

Here's my current project, pinned out in progress. It's the Cherry Leaf Should Shawl from Victorian Knits Today and --- surprise! -- the edging looks almost nothing like the edging pictured in the book. It's got points on it, and there ends the similarity. I finished the edging last night, and now have two rows of (gulp) crochet to work to finish the shawl. That's in the plans for tonight. Then I will virtuously work on my Hat from the Stash until such time as it either gets finished, or my yarn from Yarn Place arrives (tomorrow?!?)

My daughter has been knitting quite a bit lately. Here's the front of a sweater we're designing together. The yarn is Austermann Melody, bought in a lovely bag sale from Elann. The first sleeve is just about finished, and I'm not sure which part she's going to tackle next. It works up to 3.5 stitches/4" on size 10.5 needles.

Here's a puzzle for you: I was told this past week that cotton socks, or acrylic chenille socks, are much warmer than wool, and to avoid wool socks. Can this be true? I'll freely admit the wool socks which prompted the advice were damp, as they were encased in plastic braces with no breathing holes .. but would cotton be any better, or any warmer? All my fiber knowledge revolts against the very suggestion!


Pensguys said...

Love the current projects!

Pshaw! Avoid wool socks! Oh MY!!!

uberstrickenfrau said...

I always thought ( told maybe?) that when wool was wet it still held in warmth while cotton would absorbe your sweat and get chilled. Huh. Thats a bit of a conundrum.