Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shawl with No. 20 Edging ... moving along

Have you ever heard of someone being penalized for not having their payment in one day before the due date? I never had.

Until we received three phone calls in this past week from a company who is expecting a payment from us. The due date is the 20th. They're not open that date, and today told us they must have it by the 19th.

Don't you hate it when that happens?

No. There are more things than that going on in the world, and in any case, it's not a particularly good use of time. I'd rather laugh in bemusement over a bank deciding the Rockin' Sock Club was a scam.

I also have more pressing things to think about. I have no traveling project, and will be traveling tomorrow. I am also less than 2 hours and some crochet away from finishing Shawl with No. 20 Edging, from Victorian Lace Knits.

I like the shawl. I'm not sure about the Super Kydd. It loves static electricity. It is, at times possessed by static electricity. I can smooth it out, and hear the crackles. The yarn is clingy. Whatever will it be like to wear? What will it do to naturally curly hair? It's intended for a friend of mine, but I'm not sure it will end up there. I may spend the whole year making shawls for this particular friend, only to decide every single one isn't 'the right one'. Rats - a whole year of making shawls. I can handle it. I do need to pick a next one, though, and get some yarn for it. I've joined the Victorian Lace Today Knitalong. If you like lace but are trying not to buy the book, don't look.

I finished EZ's Very Warm Hat, a stash reduction project. I discovered that working 128 stitches around and getting 6 stitches to the inch somehow, just somehow, makes for a hat with a 19" circumference, suitable for youngish child.
I'm not exactly sure how that happened. I checked my gauge in both beige (from Denise's stash) and purple, and it's 24, perhaps 24 1/2 sts, per 4". Maybe it's the double-walled construction? Who knows. My son pulled a promise from me to knit a second hacky sack for his friend after I finished the hat, and said hacky is completed and delivered. It was made from yarn leftover from Marcia's socks, in a GB Packer color scheme. Somewhat.

What shall I knit next? A scarf? A shrug? A sweater? (Definitely, perhaps, and definitely, once I get the yarn.) I need to make some house socks / legwarmers for my daughter, who has been sporting purple and red legs with yellow blotches and feet like icicles. Strangely enough, when she wears homemade socks, her feet are fine. Sockless in Minnesota in the winter, they're not. I'll have to think about which yarns from the stash to use while I finish off the scarf.

Pipecleaners have an amazing number of uses. Here's Rex Rover Grossman on his Bengals rug, complete with food dish and personal fire hydrant. Penny included for scale. I think this tableau was created during Latin class while my attention was elsewhere.


Pensguys said...

Ooooh! Aaaaah!

Martha said...


It's Martha from the VLT knitalong. I was wondering if you got those gaps on your second edging that the woman who knit the brown scarf did. I would like to avoid those at all costs.


Holly said...

HILARIOUS pipe cleaner scene! And the shawl is simply stunning-great job!

Denise said...

I am all behind on my reading!

Nice hat; I would not have recognized the yarn.

: )

Denise said...

p.s. (I thought it was two separate posts) ...

fabulous shawl!