Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shawl detail

Martha, my current knitting twin, wondered what the joins looked like on my shawl. I took a photo, as close as my camera will let me, and marked them

The join at Join 1 shows where I picked up stitches along the edge of the first edging.. The line of pick-ups is almost exactly under the '1' of the label. I tried a few ways of picking up the selvedge stitch, and settled on going under just one thread (not the whole selvedge stitch), since I didn't like the effect of the chain running along the backside of the shawl.

When I began binding off the middle section I discovered the chain was going to be there, whether I wanted it to or not. That join is right in a line with the J of 'Join 2'. The big holes a few stitches outside the join are the yo/k2tog in the pattern. I didn't use a marker for the first edging, but found it very helpful when working on the second half. I placed it right after the first K2 of a right side row.

And, speaking of right side rows, I discovered, very early on into knitting the second strip of edging, that in my eagerness to get to the edging, I'd forgotten the last three rows of the middle. The (fortunately) resulted in having the right sides of my edgings be on opposite sides of the shawl. I caught it (phew), frogged, cut, knit three more rows, and started the edging again.

Then I realized that I should have purled that middle row. And purled a row before starting the faggotting pattern. Oh well.

I have less than two repeats of the edging left now, and a few too many stitches left from the middle section to work together with them. A bit of mild fudging seems to be indicated.


Martha said...

Hey twin,

I'm so glad to see that your 2nd join doesn't have the big gaps that the other knitter showed! I would have been severely disappointed after knitting this much to have those holes.

I know I'm going to be referring to your notes while I'm working on my other side panel. Thanks so much for the help!!


Karen said...

I'm desperate for instructions on how to do "joins." I have the book, Victorian Lace, and I haven't a clue as to how to do a join, let alone a double or triple join. I've been knitting for 40+ years, and have never heard the term and don't know how to do it. Is there a book out there somewhere that explains that, because "Victorian Lace" is written in British English, which I'm having a hard time understanding. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Carolyn said...

Hi, Ksren!

I'm not Martha, but I'll try and explain what a join is. In this pattern, it's where you work two (or three, or four) stitches together to attach two pieces of knitting. For the scarf of page 84 of VLT, the join is as easy as working a 'knit 2 together through back loops' with the last stitch of the second border and the next stitch on the needle.

For other patterns, such as the Fichu on p. 116, you pick up stitches along the edge of a previously knit piece immediately before knitting them together with edging stitches. (It makes a lot more sense when you're doing it, or at least it did to me.) The double join works three stitches together ... one is the last edging stitch, one is a loop you pick up from two rows previously on the edging, and the third is the next stitch on the neckband.

I hope this helps you! A Gathering of Lace has some excellent instructions on joining as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carolyn. This makes it clearer, and thanks for the suggestion of A Gathering of Lace. I'm determined to learn this and make some shawls with borders.