Friday, January 05, 2007

The 11th day of Christmas

I couldn't find the description of what EZ did for her leftover yarn hats. That shouldn't have been a problem -- goodness knows it's not that difficult to take a simple hat pattern and use a plethora of random colors in it -- but the longer I looked at my basket, the more I realized how fingering and finer yarns predominate. I collected a bit of sport yarn, and decided to make the Very Warm Hat.

I'm picking up stitches around the cast on edge, and will now knit another identical hat, which will then be tucked up inside the first hat, to make it Very Warm. 128 stitches around, instead of the 91 needed with a thicker yarn, but quite doable.

This project got siderailed Wednesday night when a bear with a stab wound arrived at my home via ambulance. No, not exactly ambulance ... speedy transit? My daughter brought him home from church. The hat was set aside, the bear was stitched up, and ... he looked cold. And I'd been reading Knitting Around too much. Before lunch the next day, the bear looked like this.Yet more yarn from the stash (and a button from the stash) gone! This is a bear-sized version of the Moebius Vest. The amazing thing is the black was worked on size 8 needles over 17 stitches with no selvedge stitch (by my daughter) and the red was worked on size 9 needles over 18 stitches with a selvedge (by me). They came out the same size. Talk about judging gauge on the fly! The bear has been restored to his home.

And the hat has been relegated to a TakeAlong project. My yarn from Elann arrived today, and in a few moments, I shall ignore a gauge swatch, pick a random needle size (pattern calls for a 7, ball band says 2-6, eenie meenie miney moe), and cast on 30 stitches. I think I will like this yarn.

And lastly, the Weather Photo of the day. We've just about got the walk cleared off now, and may get some flurries tomorrow. Winter is here!


Denise said...

Oh my. Does that mean winter is coming my way? We have not seen flurry nor flake at all, which is very .... unusual, to say the least.

And, how did you know I was planning on knitting a very warm hat?? I like yours very much. I am planning on copying a friends from my spinning guild. The first hat was wool and the second, angora. Mmmmm. I admired that hat for years and realized, only recently, that it was an EZ hat. I guess, I loved Elizabeth before I even met her.

So glad Bear is well and warm. He is quite handsome and bedecked so fashionably.

Pensguys said...

CUTE bear vest!!!

Send some cold my was 72 today!

Holly said...

Very nice hat there! If it weren't so warm here, I'd be really tempted. The bear is simply adorable :~)