Sunday, September 10, 2006

It was a packagy week

A packagy week, and a busy week. Every day that the post office was open this week, a yellow slip was found in our mailbox. The UPS guy brought a package or two. And the furniture store had a VERY large package for us.

What was in the packages? Books to edit, music books to play, knitting to admire, and a chest of drawers. Bet you can guess which one came from the furniture store.

It has been an activity-filled week. As you may surmise, I have been busy editing, playing music, and admiring knitting. There went 25-30 hours of my week. And moving the chest of drawers took a while as well. I was wise and enlisted two college students to carry it upstairs. There was no way I and a boy in single digits was going to be able to CARRY the thing up stairs, and navigate the turn at the top.

Saturday was full of activity. Between a dump truck backing into our garage and a torn bicep, 40% of our basement was excavated by hand shovels, put into buckets, carried to a conveyor belt, poured onto a conveyor belt (which was originally set up so that it only conveyed items INTO the basement), and shovelled into the front of a dump truck. My son has acquired the name 'bucket boy.' Guess what his job was?

School also started this week. Things went rather smoothly for a first week after a long break. We're doing Singapore Math, Oerberg's Lingua Latina, Runkle's Geography, and Classical Writing for our core subjects. Lurking on the fringes is Fallacy Detective, Logo, and all sorts of other fun things.

One fun thing lurking on the fringes is fall. The weather has turned cooler, and I made up a batch of homemade hot chocolate mix. Although it's not really hot chocolate. According to a book I've got, Americans have made the terms hot cocoa and hot chocolate interchangeable, and they're not. I'll find out what the difference is when I try one of the recipes in the book. Most of them call for at least 3 ounces of chocolate (semisweet in the recipe I plan to try) for a 6 ounce serving, and use whole milk and possibly heavy cream as well. I'm thinking that true hot chocolate is going to be something to savour.

The sock that wouldn't get worked on is Finished (which finishes that pair)! As is the next sock, and the remaining sock of that pair is more than halfway done. Lady Sandra is moving along. If I were knitting to gauge, I'd be about 4 hours from finishing it. As I'm not, I figure I'm somewhere between halfway and two thirds done. It moves along nicely when I work on it, and complacently occupies my knitting basket when I don't.

My reading partner and I are getting ready to discuss Pride and Prejudice. One thing I'm going to do this coming week is see what I can learn about writing a character sketch. And I hope to finish John Adams as well, so I can get that returned to the library. And somewhere in there, I need to work through some Greek lessons as well.

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Denise said...

Real hot chocolate is something to truly savor; a favorite, indeed.

I forgot all about the basement dig-out! Oh my. What a big job! What kind of space is the new basement destined to be?