Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Еще сушествую

Which, being translated, means, "I still exist." Really and truly, I do. I just have not had much incentive to blog. You already know what socks look like, and my camera batteries have been hijacked by my son to fuel his remote control SnapRover. There are more batteries in the world, and I even bought some of them - 30, I believe - on Monday, but I haven't yet seen fit to take the time to open the package, remove two batteries, and carry them over to my camera for installation.

Since I have no pictures, this is an excellent time to look back to the beginning of summer and see how I did on my list.
  • Finishing a second Elderberry sock in Wildfoote
    (done, 6/28)
  • Work on the remaining 30 rows of the Faroese Shawl (done, 6/28)
  • Read David Copperfield (did)
  • Read Merchant of Venice (did, and even discussed!)
  • Read lots of Genesis and other accompaniments to Precept's Genesis 4 study (did)
  • Forge valiantly onwards into Greek Verbs. (did. But not for too long. I got as far as present, future, imperfect, and passive/middle before bailing out of Mounce. I *am* going to finish Elementary Greek 3. This month. Before midnight on the 30th.)
  • Practice harping away. On a harp. (did)
  • Garden/housekeep/cook/laundry/pay bills/etc (I still have power, don't I?)
  • Classical Writing stuff (did. And doing)
  • Plan for the upcoming school year (somewhat)
  • Other craft stuff (such as finishing A's quilt) (note to self: avoid specific examples)
  • (starting mid-July) Euclid! (not)
I have finished reading John Adams, and am looking forward to delving more into the lives of the Founding Fathers when I have cleared off some space on my calendar. McCullough's biography of Adams is an excellent read, and I'm glad my mom has it already so I don't have to even think about buying a copy. My current studious read is Pride and Prejudice, and I'm looking forward to reading it a second time, copybook in hand. I'm trying hard to resist the lure of Pendemonium, at least until closer to Christmas. But it would be soooo fun with a copybook!

The knitting portion of Lady Sandra is completed. And the weaving in the ends portion is completed. And the crochet (shudder) portion is completed. Tomorrow, mom and I will determine what sort of fringe, if any, to put on it. Then it will be blocked, fringed, and done done done done. I've started swatching for one Christmas present, and plan to cast on the Trellis Scarf from IK (Spring or Fall 2006) with some Alpaca Cloud later this evening. The socks I was working on when I last blogged are finished, and I've a pair in Ladybug on the needle.

School is moving along, more smoothly every week.

And to top off all these delights, I'm expecting two packages tomorrow, and another should be heading out to me in the next few days.

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