Tuesday, September 26, 2006

O Happy Day!!!!

Have you ever waited for a package? Really, truly waited? Perhaps back in the old days, when '6-8 weeks shipping and handling' was standard on all orders? I have been waiting for a package. Since June. The estimated shipping date was the last of August, so the first week of September on the calendar acquired a rosy glow.

But the first week of September passed. And so did the second. And in like manner, so did the third. But at the end of that third week, I got a call. And a tracking number. And yesterday, at the start of the fourth week of September, (after, of course, we left for the doctor's appointment which was to consume 6 hours of our day) a box arrived.

It was not, as you can see, a small box. It was a luciously large box. And my son asked if he could have it to practice jumping into several cubic feet of packing peanuts. But he was actually interested in the real contents of the box as well. As was I.

So we unpacked it. And unpacked it. There was tape to cut. There were seams to find. There were packing peanuts to remove (those leaf bags come in handy!). There were several sheets of styrofoam. And then - having too much fun to find the camera, which was buried under packing peanuts, tape, and sheets of styrofoam - we hauled out a large object wrapped in foam sheets. Lots of foam sheets. That were taped at almost every conceivable seam.

Unwrapping things is so much fun, isn't it?

We unwrapped, and unwrapped, and unwrapped, and about 12 foam sheets later, we found ....
I didn't get any knitting done yesterday, outside of a doctor's office. Still, it was a good day.


Denise said...

Oh, Carolyn. It is gorgeous. You must be beside yourself.

Pensguys said...