Monday, August 28, 2006

Tea Cozy!

I think I remember now why large needles and fat yarn exist ... they make for fast projects. This cozy has been on my 'to do' list since January of this year, and I've even had the yarn for it since... since... since August 15th, and it didn't even get on the needles until yesterday.

Then again, starting a project within 12 days of getting yarn for it isn't too bad. That particular yarn order had yarn for 4 projects, one swatch, and two socks in it. Three of the four projects are done, one was attemped and discovered to be UnWorkable, and so demoted to 'swatch yarn', and I'm sreiously thinking about swatching with the remaining yarn today. It'll either be that, or gluing myself to the Sock That Wouldn't Get Worked On so I can get it out of my travelling bag.

Anywho... yesterday afternoon I cast on some bulky yarn onto size 13 needles, and set to work. Before bedtime, I had this!

One unfelted tea cozy in Sky and Bare bulky. For scale, you can see the teapot and the book.

The cozy is a bit big, and in obvious need of felting. So today, I supplied it, and before the breakfast dishes were done, I had a slightly-smaller-than-I-hoped-for tea cozy.

My daughter has asked for one for her first tea pot.

Other things do happen in this household besides knitting. In front of me at this very moment is the New Elementary Mathematics Syllabus D text. I am going to plan out what an insane pace would be (ie, completing it in less than a year) and try to go somewhat slower than that. Editing, laundry, and preparing shopping lists are also on the plan d'jour. Later this week I'll pull together the rest of my school planning, which is admittedly not much. I do so tend towards the 'do the next thing' in school. Very likely, that is why I gravitate to math and Latin. They have a next thing, right there on the next page of the text. But for literature, history, and science, the next thing is not so clear. This year I'm hoping to add science and literature to our official list of things studied ... we shall see how it goes.

This past month, a friend and I have been reading Merchant of Venice. We had some problems with Portia's character once we got to the discussion questions. She was seeing a much more, shall we say earthy?, character in Portia. After some back and forthing, and request for specific quotes, we learned what the problem was. My 1917 text had been ... EDITED ... to remove the earthier parts. Imagine that? Censorship, back in 1917. And of Shakespeare! The scene in question had 20 or so lines removed. Just zapped. With no note or explanation.

I wonder if we'll have that problem with our next read, Pride and Prejudice?

I leave you with a picture of the view late last week out our schoolroom window., looking up 30 ft or so.

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Denise said...

Loove the cozy!! And, hey! I have that book!! I don't recall the cozy pattern. I will have to check it out.

Is that your husband in the tree?? And, maybe this is too personal, but do you sew his name on the back of his clothes??

; )