Friday, August 04, 2006


First, the project report on the Moebius: Done. The yarn is Sock Garden Morning Glory from Knitpicks ... I am not sure if they kept the color in their new Memories line. Terry isn't the greatest model in the world, but he did hold still.

I haven't done *much* with the craft room, but I did reorganize the piles of 'stuff' so that I can get in and out of it without fear of breaking a wrist. I can also find my yarn and knitting needles ... very important abilities for a knitter.

And I cast on a sock. Isn't it cute? Doesn't it look as much unlike knitting as you can easily imagine? It's the toe of a sock (Knitpicks Dancing yarn, size 2.75 mm Brittany dpns) after casting on and working one row. I used Bluebell Lace from Sensational Socks for the pattern, and switched to my 2.5 mm KP needles for the lace part. Metal needles aren't the greatest for starting socks, but for lace, they're excellent. The only problem was that my Gauge Changed. Even on the part with Brittany needles. For the past year, I've gotten a gauge of 8 spi with Brittany size 2.75, KnitPicks sock yarn, and stockinette stitch. For this pair, the gauge decided to change to 9 spi. Even On The Part With Brittany Needles. (Always knit a sample swatch. I was warned.)

Fortunately, I was making these socks for a smaller foot than mine, and the smaller gauge makes them excellent for my daughter, or for someone of daintier foot. As I wear an 8 1/2, that's not difficult to find. So, the second sock is on the needle, and moving slowly along.

That's not the plotting part, however. The plotting comes in when dd starts hunting for a halter top pattern to knit. I have no experience with knit halter tops, but all I have to do is look at the pictures in magazines to see some problem areas. We did a good bit of looking, measuring, and contemplating how embarassing certain situations could be. The halter top project has been delayed until KP releases their spring yarns, or later.

But while that was going on, I was covertly noticing all sorts of nifty projects that I had forgotten about, and that would be fun to knit. Two pages in my knitting notebook are now covered with potential projects. Some time in the next week, I will down and order yarn for some of them. I *was* going to get some yarn locally, but couldn't find WoolEase in worsted weight at any of my four stops in town ... so it's off to the web I shall have to go.

Time to go to the county fair, and see how my projects did. And my dcs projects. And not get too hot. Thank goodness the fair is this weekend and not last weekend!

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