Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good things come in small packages

I'm sure you already knew that, however, but what you don't know is what my small packages contained. The first one was unexpected ... I was outside, hanging a small load of laundry (only because it was small, and consisted of three large objects which were easily hangable), and decided to check on our watermelon patch. Would The Watermelon still be present and accounted for? I went searching for it, lifted a leaf, and there it was ...

an unexpected small package. He was polite enough to stay put while I got my camera and took a picture. Later in the day when I was bringing IN the laundry and watering, he was still there. I decided if I were him, I would not want 2 gallons of water dumped on me, so that part of the patch missed the artificial shower.

My second small package came from KnitPicks.

Before I start talking about what was in my box, I would like to take this opportunity to mention what wasn't in my box. Their New Yarns! I am fairly sure that Telemark, Gloss, Shamrock, Essentials Tweed, Wool of the Andes Bulk (and Bulky Handwash), and Swiss Superwash shall find their way into my knitting basket before another year goes by. Perhaps for every projectI knit with new yarns, I should knit one with yarns from my stash? Hmmm ... have to think about that.

My box DID have 5 skeins of sock yarn, enough for 4 pair of socks (combined with stash yarns ... so all those will count as stash projects.) It also had size 1 and size 2 dpns. I do wish KP had stuck with American sizing, but they didn't, so I'll just have to be careful to stick with the same metric size for each project and gauge swatch. I still remember Meg Weglarz's advice from the Northern Lights pullover ... make sure all your size 2 needles are from the same continent, if not the same manufacturer. Mine come from India, America, and Germany. Oops. Thank goodness for needle gauges.

I also got a copy of ScarfStyle. I like it. I already have some people in mind to corner and find out which of several items in there they'd like for Christmas. Maybe I can try the Color scarf with leftover sock yarn, rather than Paternayan? Aaaaah ... it's a good book. It will go right next to WrapStyle on my shelf, once it finds its way there.

The last thing in my box was a sweater stone. I wasn't too sure about this interesting lump of matter, but I had a very pilly sweater, and using a motorized de-piller did nothing, and my husband's razor didn't work. Using a comb and dog-clipping shears worked a bit, but it was tedious and still looked pilly. So ... since I was looking for items to buy in order to get free shipping, I got it.

Here, you see Before and After photos of my son's sweater. As you know, boys are not known for being gentle with sweaters. This one has been around since September of last year, although it hasn't been worn much in the heat we've been having lately. My focus didn't, but you can still see a difference between the 'fuzzy photo of sleeve before 30 second session with sweater stone' and 'fuzzy photo of sleeve after 30 second session with sweater stone'. I can now report that the critter DOES work. As the directions said, there's a fine sandy-type substance left behind, but it does shake out easily.

Unfortunately, I did the de-pilling in a room with a fan, so I couldn't round up ALL the fuzz that came off the sweater, but my broom and I searched to find what we could, and enough turned up for a nice photo. The broom ATE some of the fuzz, unfortunately, but here's what was left ... along with the conquering stone.

If I were bored, I might think of combing this and spinning it up into something for use later, but I'm not bored, so I won't. Elizabeth Zimmerman assures me that most garments only need two or three good depillings ... this makes depilling #3, so perhaps I'm finished? I doubt it.

Denise had a question about Latwrisciopgraphive. I'm afraid I must confess it's a leftover from being a government employee and a military kid. I have a tendency to acronymize all sorts of things that were never meant to be acronymmed. It stands for Latin Writing Science Geography and Fallacy Detective. I'm not sure whre the stray 'p' came from ... probably snuck in their as an aid to pronunciation.

I found a project for my needles yesterday .. another Soft Cables Moebius scarf, made out of Morning Glory sock yarn. It's a stash project with no definite recipient yet, although my daughter has spoken for it. It does contain 3 of her 4 favorite colors.

Next week ... a project report on the Moebius, and word as to whether I've successfully managed to ignore doing anything with and/or in my craft room!

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Denise said...

Aaahhh!! I love it! Word invention - a favorite thing of mine. It is a fabulous word.

You know Meg Weg??? She is a friend of mine. I love Meg! I miss her when she does not come to guild. I love to see her spin a bunny; she does it so well.

And, speaking of bunnies, I loved your little bunny in the watermelon patch! That is a treat. Be careful of your treadling in the garden. I wouldn't be surprised if your bunny was nesting and those little babies would be very ... little!

: )